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What Is The Difference Between TRX Suspension Trainers – Which Is The Best and Which To Buy?

TRX comparision - which to choose?

Staying in shape, probably, is one of the most violated goals across the universe. A lot of us have, at least once in our lives, made a new year’s resolution about getting fit. Mind you, being fit is not just about losing weight. Losing weight, gaining strength, and bulking up are just some of the intricacies behind it.

Anyhow, we pretty have tons of excuses when it’s time to exercise – rain, traffic, lack of time, etc. You name it, you have surely used it! But as much as we hate to admit it, our real reason is that we don’t have enough motivation to workout.

  • Working out helps us maintain bodily functions to its finest!
  • Exercise strengthens our cardiopulmonary system!

But even health reasons and benefits are not enough to fuel a healthy lifestyle. But here’s the thing, if we could just lessen that friction from home to the gym, or from home to wherever you do your workout, compliance would be a bit easier 👉  TRX Suspension Trainer!

Why TRX is Popular

TRX capitalized on availability. This suspension training equipment and the method was developed by Commander Randy Hetrick. Hendrick’s invention and method of training were adopted by the US Marin Corps in 2007. This means that this equipment earned a lot of merits to catch the eyes of the military

TRX suspension trainer

TRX Trainer was originally invented by the American military

Later on, they have been readily available, and training methods have been thoroughly improved.

With a simple piece of equipment that eliminates a lot of our excuses not to work out, we could increase the chances of sticking to our goals and staying fit!

Below are the most popular models of TRX that you could check out. Take a look at this overview, then let’s have a more in-depth look at each model and see their differences up close.

1.  TRX Home 2 System

TRX Home 2 System is the entry-level among the TRX selection. It is also known as:

  • TRX Home Gym
  • or just “TRX Home
TRX Home 2 system original

The TRX HOME Suspension Trainer is a lightweight, highly portable and scalable training system.

TRX Home 2 System: What’s Included

Current Model 2016 – 2020

  • TRX Home Suspension Trainer
  • 1-Year Premium App Access (featuring 80+ workouts with real-time, in-ear feedback from the best TRX trainers)
  • TRX Door Anchor
  • TRX Suspension Anchor
  • TRX Wristband
  • TRX Mesh Carry Bag
TRX Home Gym: Target Audience
  • adapted for home utilization and individuals
  • provides effective full-body workout at home or on the go
  • you receive procedures and personal video trainings for your PC, tablets and mobiles for FREE
  • an essential fitness tool for all enthusiasts who love their freedom and prefer to create and follow their own workout schedule

Straight out of the box, you get the suspension harness complete with the stirrups, a door anchor, and a yellow extension line. The black and yellow color scheme makes it easily visible and quickly identify it.

The color pattern of the TRX Home Suspension Trainer is slightly different to distinguish from the other lines.

black yellow

TRX home system

You will learn how to use TRX properly and how to customize solutions that put emphasis on strength, speed and flexibility.

The handles are made with durable and grippy material that allows you to confidently hang your weight without worrying about your hands slipping from the handle. Attached through the handle are loops that are meant to cradle the foot for different modes of suspended exercise.

The line extends and is joined at the end with durable stitching. The carabiner at the end of the line can be attached to the door anchor or to the extension loop. The manufacturer advises the harness attached to the door anchor. However, you can also use the extension line and loop it around something sturdy like a vertical post or ceiling hook.

It also comes with a mesh bag that is very useful if you are on the go. You also get a small card that contains information that you will need for registering the product. It also includes a folded instruction manual that guides you on how to mount the product and some workout examples.

Build a better body at home – or on the go

TRX Home 2 system comes with an app registration that you can use to access the materials  on official TRX website. The app contains video tutorials. The pre-programmed workout routines guides you and help you monitor your workout progress.

The TRX Mobile App review

The TRX Mobile App offers you a wide variety of workouts, durations and coaches to choose from.

Aside from the workout templates, there are also customized templates on the app with different goals:

  • stabilizing muscles
  • releasing tension around your back bone
  • strengthening your whole body
  • building lean muscle

Effective video workouts can be accessed on any computer, tablet or mobile device. Due to this, the system is portable and can be truly set up anywhere.

All TRX trainings are also available for download in [PDF] format.

30 minutes TRX workout plan

TRX Workouts – How To Strengthen The Whole Body in 30 Minutes

Is it possible to work all the muscles in your body in 30 minutes? Try a training plan, which will help you strengthen your whole body. And moreover, you will enjoy it.

TRX Home Gym has a content and design that are different from other models.

More possibilities to anchor your TRX at home and outdoor
TRX straps
Colour pattern is slightly different from the other product lines
TRX Color
Foam grips for superior comfort and increased door protection
TRX grips
Modular 15 and 30-minute workouts that can be mixed for any fitness goal or level
TRX Video
TRX Home Gym: The Pros
👍 This harness is made with durable materials.
👍  The handles are grippy.
👍 The harness can be easily adjusted according to your desired length.
👍 The extension line adds a variety of exercises that you can do with this equipment (up to 300 exercises)
👍 TRX Home Gym is portable and can be easily lugged around and brought to your trips or at the park.
TRX Home Gym: The Cons
👎 Even the entry-level equipment is quite costly.
👎 Although the anchors are cushioned, it may still eventually wear out your door and door frame. You might as well install a ceiling hook (TRX X-Mount), or some sort, at home for easier and more secure attachment.

With TRX Home system you can expect workouts that mostly uses your body weight. So, it’s just this equipment and your bodyweight that you need to start your TRX workout. It’s kinda hard to make an excuse if it’s that easy to use!

How to set up TRX at home

 How to install TRX Suspension Trainer

TRX installation – How to set up TRX Suspension Trainer at home

You are not sure whether you have your TRX system anchored correctly and safely? These are the recommended and safe options for installing TRX at home:

TRX Training Benefits

TRX installation – How To Set Up TRX at home or outside?

How to anchor TRX properly? TRX bands can be captured anywhere. Read more to find out how can be TRX anchored correctly and safely.

Where to buy TRX Home Gym

TRX Home Gym is available on AmazonYou can buy any original (genuine) TRX Suspension Trainer ONLY online!

TRX Home 2 System
7,076 Reviews
TRX Home 2 System
This TRX system provides everything you need to build strength, increase your flexibility, spot-train, and fit in a comprehensive, healthy workout anytime you want, anywhere you want.

  • Best-Selling Training System!
  • Full-Body Training Tool. All Levels. All Goals.
  • Build Muscle. Burn Fat. Improve Cardio.
  • Free Workouts Included.

2.  TRX PRO Kit

TRX PRO Kit is the best tool for professional trainers, designed with durability and safety so your clients get the results they want.

It is also known as:

  • TRX Pro system
  • TRX Pro 3, TRX Pro 4” (varies by version)
  •  “TRX All in one
  • or just “TRX Pro

Basically, TRX Pro Kit is a lot similar to the TRX Home Kit. They both have the same barrel lock mechanism for easy adjustments and the extension line. It comes with the same durable door anchor attachment too.

trx suspension pro pack

The latest available version 👉   TRX PRO 4  includes different components than the previous ones (v1, v2). For instance, it does not include the instructional DVD.

TRX Suspension Trainer PRO 4: What’s Included

Current Model 2016 – 2020

  • TRX PRO Suspension Trainer
  • 1-Year Premium App Access (featuring 80+ workouts with real-time, in-ear feedback from the best TRX trainers.)
  • TRX Xtender
  • TRX Door Anchor
  • TRX PRO Wristband
  • TRX Mesh Carry Bag
  • TRX Suspension Anchor
  • TRX Wrench (keep your Suspension Trainer secure)
  • TRX Door Placard
trx pro 4 suspension trainer

TRX PRO 4 Kit contains the strongest and most secure Suspension Trainer

TRX PRO Kit: Target Audience
  • TRX PRO Kit is the ultimate solution for professional trainers
  • It is reliable, durable and safe
  • TRX PRO Kit was tailored for commercial use

What is the difference between TRX Home and TRX PRO Kit?

TRX PRO Kit has been designed especially for professional trainers in fitness centers and group classes. The handles, however, are made with firmer material that has a more solid feel compared to the TRX Home. Also, the grips are made with a more hygienic material that prevents the fast growth of bacteria.

Watch this video that introduces the new TRX PRO Suspension Trainer v4. (the latest model) 😀

⇣ ⇣ ⇣

The color scheme is, basically, the same with a few design variations. Instead of a gray stripe that runs in the middle of the harness, the TRX home has a solid black color. Although TRX Pro and TRX home looks pretty similar, the former has a noticeably more robust build.

yellow black

This equipment also comes with a year of free app subscription with all the freebies you get from the TRX home version. It comes with an authenticity card that has a unique number code that you can use for product registration.

Lastly, it comes with a mesh bag that is big enough for the harness and all attachment to fit in, but small enough to take little space on your luggage when you are on the go.

TRX PRO Kit has a content and design that are different from other models.

A full range of anchoring solutions
TRX isntalling options
New videos and cards customized for professional trainers
TRX pro system
Corrosion resistant carabiner with pin lock security, designed to support over 1400 lbs/600 Kg
TRX pro 3
Commercial-grade rubber handles are ergonomic, anti-slip and easy to clean
trx pro handles review
TRX Pro Kit: The Pros
👍 This harness system has a more robust build that can withstand frequent use.
👍 You can rest your weight on the harness with confidence with a more durable feel.
👍 The firmer grips feel better and fuller to the hands.
👍 The handgrips are thoughtfully made with hygienic materials that prevent the fast growth of microorganisms.
👍 TRX Pro Kit is portable and can be easily lugged around and brought anywhere.
TRX Pro Kit: The Cons
👎 Of course, it’s much more expensive than the TRX Home version
👎 There is very little difference and benefit from getting this version compares with the TRX Home version, if you are going to use it mostly for your own personal workouts

How to set up TRX PRO 4?

TRX PRO Kit can be set up on any standard door with the help of the “Door Anchor”, or any other sturdy structure, trees, ceiling beams or weight racks (as the TRX Home).

A full range of anchoring solutions is already included in the package.

Watch this video that demonstrates all the possibilities of installing the TRX. The video is a bit old-school (the TRX models are from 2011), but the content is still good 😀

⇣ ⇣ ⇣

Where to buy TRX PRO?

TRX Pro Kit is available on Amazonyou can buy any original (genuine) TRX Suspension Trainer ONLY online!

TRX PRO3 Suspension Trainer System
1,037 Reviews
TRX PRO3 Suspension Trainer System
The strongest, most secure Suspension Trainer with durable, easy to clean rubber handles, a locking carabineer to deter theft and three different types of anchors for maximum versatility.

  • Best-Selling Training System!
  • Enjoy 6-Months of free access to the TRX premium app
  • Features 3 Suspension Anchors, Ergonomic Suspension Strap Handles, Locking Carabiner, Pro-Trainer 8-Week Workout Guide
  • The Best Tool For Professional Trainers

3.  TRX Tactical

TRX Tactical Gym is the most complete, rugged and advanced workout system ever.  Invented by Navy SEALS for special training of military units. Optimized for functional training in any environment, whether extreme outdoors or indoors.

It is also known as:

  • TRX Tactical Gym
  • TRX Tactical T3, TRX Tactical T2 (varies by version)
  •  “TRX Force Kit
  • or just “TRX Force

TRX Tactical is the top-end model among the TRX suspension training equipment. To keep it simple, this device offers the same function that is similar to what TRX Home and TRX Pro offer.

So, let’s point out the main difference that this model has to offer.

TRX tactical gym

TRX Tactical Suspension Trainer 👉  Construction, materials and design are identical with TRX PRO Kit.

TRX Tactical: What’s included

Current Model 2016 – 2020

  • TRX Tactical Suspension Trainer
  • Free One-year Access To TRX App (12-week Tactical Conditioning Program which includes intensive training and military drill exercise)
  • TRX FORCE Super App
  • Mesh Carrying Bag
  • TRX Door Anchor
  • TRX X-tender
  • TRX Suspension Anchor
  • “Workout in Progress” Safety Placard
TRX Tactical : Target Audience
  • TRX Tactical is the ultimate solution to keep elite tactical athletes mission-ready
  • Optimized for functional training in any environment (allowing you to train in the most extreme of conditions)
  • TRX PRO Kit was tailored for military (but it is also used by professional MMA fighters)

TRX Tactical Gym provides functional training in any extreme condition.

Firstly, the most notable difference is the color. It comes in a different color scheme. Instead of gray, yellow, and black, this harness comes in khaki and black.

khaki black

TRX Tactical Suspension Trainer comes with the same door anchor system and extension lines that the previous models of any TRX have. It is fitted with the same barrel lock adjusters for ease of use.

Another difference is the material used for the handles. The handle grips are made with the toughest material they could get their hands on. The textured handles prevent accidental slip making each workout you perform safe.

trx force tactical conditioning program

TRX FORCE tactical conditioning program

The foot suspension is not easily adjustable (adjustable foot cradles are missing). However, you may find that adjusting the foot cradle doesn’t really has a lot of value, and you could go on even without this adjustment.

It also contains all the features the previous versions of any TRX have. This equipment is complete with an authenticity card and free app subscription. Lastly, among the three versions of TRX suspension trainers, TRX Tactical has the most durable feel of all.

TRX Tactical: The Pros
👍  If you train hardcore, you can confidently rest your weight on this harness without worrying about falling off.
👍  It can still be easily packed on a mesh bag that you can bring anywhere you want.
👍 The handles are very grippy
👍 12-week Tactical Conditioning Program is very practical a and handy
👍 If you exerice mostly outdoors, the color scheme does not light up as with other black / yellow models

TRX Tactical: The Cons
👎 The price point of this suspension trainer is steep for the function it offers.
👎 There is very little difference and benefit from getting this version compares with the TRX PRO version, if you are going to use it mostly for your own personal workouts
👎 Be aware of counterfeit products

What is the difference between TRX (Force) Tactical and TRX PRO Kit?

To keep it simple, TRX Tactical offers the same as TRX PRO 4, but It comes in:

  • a different color scheme
  • different education (different mobile app)
  • adjustable foot cradles are missing
trx tactical vs pro 4

TRX Tactical gym vs TRX Pro 4 – they differ only in the color and design of the handles

In addition to color, the most significant difference compared to TRX Pro Kit is the is the opportunity to try the TRX FORCE Super App.

If you purchase TRX FORCE Kit: Tactical, you will automatically receive a complex 12-week Tactical Conditioning Program which includes intensive training and military drill exercise and is now accessible anywhere on your smartphone.

Includes a complete exercise library with 3 progressions of TRX Suspension Training movements for over 70 TRX Suspension Training exercises.

trx force tactical conditioning program

TRX Force Super App for iOS and Android devices

  • A reference section with set-up and use, and tips and tricks will ensure you get the most out of the program
  • Now, for the first time ever, the TRX FORCE Super App is available for civilian purchase
  • Available for purchase in the Apple App Store, Google Play
  • No streaming required
TRX mobile app iphone

TRX Force Super App – all TRX workouts in your pocket

The TRX App includes four free workouts, designed to give you maximum results in the limited time you have. The workouts come in two formats based on your goals.

The TRX Tactical Training Program at the Super App’s core provides a robust training solution for anyone at any fitness level.

TRX tactical force supension trainer program guide

How to set up TRX Tactical

TRX Tactical can be set up on any standard door with the help of the “Door Anchor”, or any other sturdy structure, trees, doors, ceiling beams or weight racks (as the TRX Home and TRX PRO).

How to set up TRX Tactical

TRX Tactical (Force Kit) pack includes all the possibilities of installing the TRX.

Where to buy TRX Tactical?

TRX Tactical is NOT available on Amazon (because of frequent copies of this trainer > FAKE TRX).

4 BONUS: TRX GO Suspension Trainer Kit

The Lightest and Cheapest TRX from the “TRX family”. It is a valid answer of the producer of the original tool TRX® to the load of dangerous fakes which are available.

TRX GO Suspension Training Kit

TRX GO Suspension Trainer – If you are looking for cheap TRX with the guarantee of safety, TRX GO may be a right choice.

👇  Read our review here 👇

TRX GO Suspension Training Kit

TRX® GO Suspension Training Kit – The Lightest and Cheapest TRX

In the TRX® GO Kit you will find everything you need for a better body. In comparison with TRX Home, it differs with its weight and package content. Who is TRX® GO for?

No products found.

Why Go for Suspension Trainers?

Gym subscriptions are getting quite expensive over the years. And, we have to admit, we are not making the most out of these subscriptions anyway. There are a few restraints that gym memberships can’t solve. For example, the distance from your local gym to your house is one factor that determines how frequent you can visit the gym.

The TRX® GO Suspension Trainer weighs one lb

Benefit of TRX Suspension Training – You can workout anytime, anywhere

It would be really nice to set up a gym at home to eliminate the excuse that the gym is too far from home. However, home gyms cost a lot. Many of us dream of setting up a home gym someday. Someday when we can afford it. But in the meantime, a suspension trainer is one of your best bets to stay in shape.

A suspension training is not the opposite of lifting weight.

The main difference is, instead of lifting plates off the floor, you will be lifting your body weight. I know, for some people, when you get used to push-ups, pull-ups, and other bodyweight exercises, it starts to become easy, and soon, you plateau. Now, we don’t want to hit a plateau early on.

The main thing that you may appreciate form suspension training is that it’s not as easy as it looks.

trx vs weight lifting

TRX vs. Weight training: The Full Comparison

Can TRX replace weight training? Is TRX effective for building muscle? To diffuse the confusion, I have put together an extensive TRX vs dumbbells guide.

You have probably watched a few videos of people demonstrating workouts from suspension harnesses, and it looks like they aren’t even breaking a sweat! But, in contrast, it’s has a moderately steep learning curve.

However, the beauty of it is that it takes quite some time before your body adapts and plateau. And guess what, when you are getting the hang of it, you can start increasing the challenge of your routing by lengthening or shortening the harness.

resistance bands workout

Resistance bands workouts

If you feel like it’s not gonna burn as much as your gym workout, try out some resistance bands while at it. And since the harness only needs a door as an anchor at the very least, it means you don’t have an excuse, not to workout at home! You can even bring it when you are traveling! You can hit the road then stop at the park use the monkey bars as an anchor and workout.

TRX vs. Resistance Bands: What's the Better Workout?

TRX Trainers Vs. Resistance Training: The Full Comparison

What are the differences between TRX training and resistance band training, and which is better? Our detailed comparison shows the advantages of each.

There are a lot of things you can do with this harness. Now, with suspension trainer, you can workout at home, at the park, when you travel, or anywhere you want as long as there is a door that you could mount your anchor on!

Now that we have blown the most basic excuses, what’s gonna stop you now?

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