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TRX Force Super App – all TRX workouts in your pocket

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Achieve your goal wherever you are with revolutionary training plans exactly in your mobile phone. If you exercise TRX regularly at home, outside or with clients in a gym, there comes the time, you have no more ideas left for TRX workout plans.

The change of workout is a key to good results and constant self-motivation.

The official TRX mobile app

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TRX Force Super App

If you have been exercising for a certain time, you definitely know the application TRX FORCE Super App, which is a part of package TRX FORCE Kit: Tactical.

If you buy this model TRX, you have access to the ultra-enhanced digital 12-week Tactical Conditioning Program:

Burn fat, lose weight, build muscle and increase endurance!

TRX Suspension Trainers are ultra-durable, weather resistant, safety tested for up to 350 lbs and come with 1-YEAR FREE PREMIUM ACCESS to the TRX APP as well as free downloadable workouts.

trx tactical kit
trx tactical kit
trx pro kit
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You will open the application with a code which you will find in package (if you have bought original TRX).

TRX training app review

The company FITNESS ANYWHERE has recently released new mobile fitness application. Let us have a look at it.

TRX digital app workouts

Two goals, two missions.

trx app review


Training plans are available in two formats according to your goal:

 TRX Burn workouts – Incinerate fat with some high-intensity interval training that will boost your metabolism and increase your cardiovascular capacity

• TRX Build workouts – Build lean muscle and add definition to your body while boosting your total-body strength

TRX Workout Plans

trx training app

TRX mobile app review

TRX exercises are divided into 4 groups:

  • Upper body
  • Lower body
  • CORE
  • Combo

The collection of exercises contains instruction video, audio and description of how to perform the exercises correctly. The first 4 workout plans are for FREE, you may buy the next one directly in a mobile application at one click.

What is the price of TRX workout plan?

If the workout plans which are for free in application are not enough for you, you may buy individual widening workout plans. This is a well-chosen business model.

You pay only for what you will use.

TRX App buy

Do you love jogging and you want to develop explosive power?

Buy only this individual training. You will gain the video workout training with detailed description for only 2 USD. You will have it at your disposal all the time in your mobile phone.

Where can you get the TRX app?

Free workouts app

Free workouts app

TRX training application can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play in a common way. There is no available application for operation systems Windows Mobile yet.

5 Advanced TRX Exercises to Build Strength

Do you want to build your strength, improve your core stability, flexibility, balance, and endurance all at once? Try these advanced TRX exercises!

The mobile application is for everybody

Mobile fitness app

It contains 4 workout plans and instruction videos in free version. They might help you solve common questions like:

New mobile TRX Training application is more than digitalized version of a TRX home workout plan. It contains videos, timing of rest when exercising, description of methodic of correct exercise performance and setting the suspension TRX system.

Download the work out app HERE:

If you are ready to see real results, download the TRX App for FREE, now:

The most popular TRX Training Gear

You don't need a gym to enjoy a total fitness program. TRX suspension trainer provides everything you need to workout anytime you want, anywhere you want.

TRX training is a workout you'll never outgrow!