Category: TRX Workouts

What does TRX training stand for?

TRX training is entertaining and brings amazing results. TRX Suspension Trainer builds a strong and stable CORE, which is the basis of efficient and effective body movements.

You can exercise whole body, perform exercises improving flexibility, strength or explosiveness. You can even perform exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, squats and thrusts. TRX Workouts are designed for complete beginners as well as for elite athletes.

How TRX training works

TRX exercises can be escalated easily. The load can be set according to your body position. Very popular is free printable 30 minute workout plan in PDF, which will help strengthen your whole body in all planes of movement.

TRX workout plans

For beginners we recommend 20 minute TRX workout routine. If you are more advanced user, try 10 TRX Exercises for Circuit Training or Tabata interval training for weight loss.

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