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TRX Training for hockey – strength and conditioning program [PDF]

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Ice hockey is one of the most demanding sports in the world.

The players must have high level of physical fitness (speed, endurance and strength). The season is divided into four parts from which two are the most important- competitive and preparatory season.

In competitive season the players train, improve their skills on the ice rink, in preparatory season or dry season in another words; they develop their abilities, speed, endurance and strength.

„Full time” sport

The way to professional career of the hockey player is long and nothing is sure. Health problem or major injury may stop him and the way back is almost impossible.

The player must prepare for it from the first year of his basic school and it is a great psychological stress. From the early childhood it is a „full time” sport. Some training processes happen in fitness centers, where we encounter various machines which train the body.

The ice hockey players gain power, in the form of dumbbells lifting and other demanding exercises which often negatively influence joints of upper and lower body parts.

There are a lot hockey workout programs and hockey training equipment.

hockey workouts off ice

Hockey workout program

TRX is one of the latest workout methods, which sticks out of the other methods thanks to its simplicity and functionality.

It guarantees exercise in by the way of own body weight and does not stress the joints needed for performing movement in a given sport, ice hockey in my case.

TRX training works like a workout which supports unlimited movement in all anatomic layers.

1. Sagittal (lateral) plane – The most used plane of motion.

Sagittal lateral plane

Sagittal (lateral) plane of motion

2. Coronal (frontal) plane

Coronal-frontal plane

Coronal (frontal) plane of motion

3. Transverse (axial) plane – This is the plane which is mostly forgotten.

Transverse axial plane

Transverse (axial) plane of motion

functional training benefits

3 Planes of Motion in Functional Training

Every functional training should contain 8 basic movements applied into all 3 planes of movement. In correctly set training, we should exercise all of them.

The dominant feature of the ice hockey is speed, technics and roughness

It is a game of individuals whose performance proportionally increases as they combine their individuality with the game of the whole team. Hockey is a team sport which lets individual characters stand out and skills of the players and individual goal of the coach are shown.

From the physiological point of view, the ice hockey represents interval and interrupted type of physical activity. It requires wide spectrum of motoric skills, reaction and decision abilities, quality and complex of analyzers but also high level of general physical skills- speed, endurance and strength.

Physiological demands vary according to the position of player in the team (attacker, defender, goal man) and also to the level and style of the game.

hockey player workout

Ice hockey workout routines

Typical alternating of cyclic (skating) and acycling (eg. Shooting) activities are typical for ice skating with and also without puck alternates with short periods of maximal speeding and dash, with personal fights, passing the puck and shooting.

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Game activity of an individual

Skating – is the alpha and omega of the hockey alphabet. Its mastering is conditioned by technology and tactics of any team.

Shooting – One of the main tasks which helps to successfully passing the puck into the opponent´s goalmouth Without the correct technical performance, the shot does not have necessary speed and accuracy.

Passing the hockey puck – Game activity of an individual which also serves to the surprising moment and following attack to the opponents goalmouth, to the speeding of the game and uvoľnenie spoluhráča.

Bully – Game activity which occurs 80times in the match and it follows after each In a modern concept of the hockey, the bully has a great meaning from the point of the tactics.

Integrating individual muscles at activities in ice hockey:


At skating, several upper and lower body parts sections are integrated.

Skating forward
Skating back ice hockey
Skating back
Skating back ice hockey

Integrating of muscles at skating:

Standing foot

  • Extension of the hip joint
  • Abduction of the hip joint
  • Outer rotation of the hip joint
  • Extension of the knee joint
  • Flexion of the knee joint
  • Extension of hock
  • Flexion of the hock

Second foot

  • Flexion of the hip joint
  • Abduction of the hip joint
  • Inner rotation o the hip joint
  • Flexion of the knee joint
  • Flexion of the hock

ice hockey shooting

At shooting, we differentiate several types of techniques, by which we send the puck to the opponents goal. Integrating of muscles at the shooting:

  • Flexion of the arm joint
  • Extension of the arm joint
  • Flexion of the elbow joint
  • Extension of the elbow joint
  • Rotation of the body


Bully is a tactical activity of an individual from which the following game develop.

Integrating of muscles

Lower armiger

  • Extension of the arm joint
  • Abduction of the arm joint
  • Extension of the elbow joint
  • Palm flexion of the writs
Upper armiger

  • Flexion of the arm joint
  • Abduction of the arm joint
  • Flexion of the elbow joint
  • Palm flexion of the elbow
  • Rotation of the body

Hockey training equipment

Each sport has its specific movements, which occur in the game itself. In our case, it is skating, shooting, passing and contact with the co-player. It means one has to be ready for contact and at the same time devote great attention to the stability.

TRX Training zone

TRX Training zone

All these aspects, which are the most important at the game, we can practice thanks to TRX toning of all muscle parts and effectively tone CORE. (Middle part of the body).

Thanks to efficiency and versatility of TRX, it gets into training rooms of teams of popular professional sports in USA and to National football league, National basketball association, National hockey league or the Main baseball league.

TRX training has quickly become the basic stone of training programs of hundreds of professional sportsmen in the area of football, baseball, basketball, hockey, golf, tennis, skiing and snowboarding, swimming, surfing, motocross and practically by all other sportsmen who try to put through themselves.

TRX training for hockey players

TRX training at which the same muscle parts are implemented as by game activities of players of ice hockey.

Off ice hockey workout – strength and conditioning program

The training was composed by Filip Raptopulos from 3D FITNESS ACADEMY.

Try the following hockey workout program for ice hockey players (and not only for them) on TRX suspension training kit:

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  • flexibility and endurance
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what is trx workout

What is TRX Suspension Training?

TRX Suspension Training is the most sought-after fitness equipment of the past years. Why is it so popular and does it really work?

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