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10 Stretching and Egonomic Exercises for Office Workers

office stretching exercises

Do you work in an office or do you prefer home office?

Then, certainly you have office sitting routine. You know it. You look at the monitor 8 hours a day and write on the keyboard.

And your body calls for emergency. Try office exercises for relaxing overstrained parts of body and you will feel better.

Sedentary job requires eye strain, backache, neck spine and head. You cannot bend the wrist.

When you leave the office, you feel like you have been rolled. The tiredness is visible.

Your partner asks you at home:
„Why are you tired? You have been sitting at your desk and looking at the pc all day? “

How to stay fit all day in office and be in a good mood at the end of the workday?

If your current task requires concentrated work, human body and brain can work effectively maximum 3 hours. Then, you should have a break so that the body partly recovers and relaxes. You can also learn some sitting exercises.

Exercises you can do at your desk…

office desk exercises

TRX enables office desk exercises

There are many articles and advice how to sit correctly at the table. Some of them are really good.

But honestly, how long can you sit straight and not to bend?

Most people can do it just for a few minutes. Then again we slide into more comfortable position and we even do not realize it mostly. The arms are bent forward.

How to do office desk execises in a right way?
Your body needs office exercise which tone muscles and pull your arms and spatulas back.

8 Most Common Mistakes during the TRX Workout

Correct technique of your TRX workout is very important, therefore, you should not underestimate it. It should be applied to any training session.


TRX Training unit consists of two parts

  • Mobility – in the first part, we will focus on general mobility and stretching those parts of body which are often strained by sedentary type of job. They will help us prepare body for the following own part.
  •  Own exercise – is divided into 3 series and three is longer rest between them. At the beginning, do one serie of each exercise and gradually you can add even 3 series.


TRX Split squat w/M fly 1 series 5 reps rest  N/A
ergonomic exercises for manufacturing
ergonomic exercises for back pain
TRX Split squat w/Y fly 1 series 5 reps rest N/A
office exercises abdominals

ergonomic exercises at work

TRX lunge with hip flexor str. 1 series 5 reps rest N/A
office ergonomics exercises

office chair exercises for lower back pain

Benefits of TRX Training – TRX full-body workouts

One of the key TRX’s benefits is that you are able to complete endless number of exercises with a single training tool. TRX Suspension Trainer delivers a total-body workout.

TRX wall slides 1 series 5 reps rest 3s
office exercises to keep you awakeoffice health exercises
TRX hip hinge 1 series 10 reps rest N/A
rotator cuff exercises
TRX T-spine rotation 1 series 3 each side rest 15s
hip exercises

abdominal exercises on TRX

TRX cossak stretch 1 series 6 each side rest N/A
trx suspensiontrx workout plan

1. series

TRX overhead squat 2 series 30s rest N/A
trx workout routinetrx trainer
TRX chest press 2 series 30s rest N/A
trx chest press
TRX Chest press
TRX plank 2 series 4 x 10s rest N/A
Plank exercise
TRX hip press 2 series 30s rest 1-2 min
trx exercisetrx fitness

Commercial break

Fetch water and we will continue in a minute.
You are almost in the half of this exercise.
Today, it will be longer. But the result will be visible tomorrow.

TRX video workout for beginers

2. series

TRX squat 2 series 30s rest 15s
How to do TRX squatTRX squate
TRX low series 2 series 30s rest N/A
TRX low row
TRX triceps press 2 series 30s rest N/A
TRX triceps presstrx upper body workout
TRX side plank 2 series 4 x 10s rest 1-2 min
trx exercise list

3. series

TRX biceps curl 2 series 30s rest 15s
TRX biceps curlHow to exercise biceps

Do you want more exercises?

How to anchor TRX in an office?

There are several methods how to anchor TRX.

TRX Door Anchor

TRX Door Anchor • photo:  Fitness Anywhere

TRX Door anchor

This nylon door suspension is a very practical assistant during your workout. Suspension shall be placed between the door frame and the door.

TRX X-mout

Simple and effective way how to anchor your TRX. TRX X-mout can be easily anchored to circumferential walls, ceiling or ceiling tiles.

TRX X-mount instalation

TRX X-mount • photo: Fitness Anywhere

10 Stretching and Egonomic Exercises for Office Workers
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