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TRX Workout Plan for Lower Back Pain [PDF]

trx exercises for lower body

I get up in the morning; sit down in a car, bus or train. I go to work and sit another 8 to 10 hours on a chair. After work I sit in public transport or a car again.

When I come home after all day, I „finally „sit down in front of TV. I have severe lower back pain and I don’t know, what to do.

Does it sound familiar?

If yes, then, you cannot be surprised that your body is „crying „and wants to change something. Most people decide well to visit gym. Generally, it is alright, but most of these people come to gym to „sit down” again.

Nowadays gyms are perfectly designed for it. If you want to exercise with your legs, back, chest or arms, there are machines with a comfortable seat.

This article is exactly for you

Office Workout

If you come to gym to answer e-mails or brows on social networks, you could have stayed at home.

…if you belong to people who:

  • must sit in their work (on the chair at computer, in a car or anywhere else (even if you use a recliner for back pain)
  • you suffer from the backache you want to get rid of
  • you would like to get in total body shape

Backache is caused mostly by several factors. These are not only flabby muscles which have certain tension but also contraction of those muscles which should be relaxed.

Today, we have prepared an 2 easy TRX trainings for you which really everyone can handle. When exercised regularly, it will ease your backache.

We can name them as Office trainings, because you may exercise both during lunch break in the office or at home. It is a combination of power and stretching exercises which help to correct body posture.

Exercises you can do at home or at work

How to exercise while sitting at a desk? The best exercise is MOVEMENT.

There are many articles and advice how to sit correctly at the table. Some of them are really good. But honestly, how long can you sit straight and not to bend?

Most people can do it just for a few minutes. Then again we slide into more comfortable position and we even do not realize it mostly. The arms are bent forward.

How to do office desk exercises in a right way?  Your body needs office exercise which tone muscles and pull your arms and spatulas back. Don’t sit all the time! 

Stand up and stretch the entire body in all 3 planes of movement:

  1. Sagittal plane
  2. Coronal plane
  3. Transverse plane
trx back exercises pdf

Try TRX lower back exercises

1. Sagittal (lateral) plane

The most used plane of motion.

Movement of upper limbs or legs to the front, back, up and down without the movement of the spine – isolated exercises. In a typical gym, this is a plane where we exercise 90% of machines.

Sagittal lateral plane

Coronal-frontal plane

2. Coronal (frontal) plane

Only on a few machines, there is possibility to work out in this plane. The movements typical for frontal plane contain movement of the spine into sides, or leaning  of the body to the side. It does not mean to take a dumbbell and lean in front of the mirror.

3. Transverse (axial) plane

This is the plane which is mostly forgotten.

The truth is, it is very often used in everyday life – axial plane. In real life it is a movement by which upper part of the body or legs have to do rotating movement out of its axis.

Transverse axial plane

Here are two different TRX workout plans. One shorter and the other longer. They’re both great. It depends on your time options.

#workout no.1

V1: 10 TRX Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Start with one round, gradually add to 3 rounds.

Total time of exercise30 s
The break between exercisesjust for set up TRX
Rounds1 – 3
Intensityby physical limits
1. TRX Squat

Squat is a basic exercise for strengthening the entire body. Slight astride posture, arms raised forward, grasp TRX in front of your body, palms together – squat, raise arms upwards, palms together.

Try to push buttocks down and involve them while going up, while leaning more backwards we exercise front thighs more intensively. Back straight, right angle at knees.

TRX Squat Row

2. TRX Lower Back Stretch

Contrast to the squat is very nice stretch across the back side of the body.

TRX lower back exercises

Video: Try an alternative → TRX Lower Back Stretch With Rotation

Isolate the hip and knee joints while doing the TRX Lower Back Stretch With Rotation.

3. TRX Plank

Quite unusual exercise, but the more they’ll love it. You will strengthen the muscles on the back side of the body and stretching the chest muscles.

trx plank vs plank

Plank is an effective exercise that should be in any training plan. Complex exercise for strengthening the entire body. Beware of its proper technique.

TIP: 💪 Try 30 minute TRX Total Body Workout 

4. TRX Supine Plank

Quite unusual exercise, but the more they’ll love it. You will strengthen the muscles on the back side of the body and stretching the chest muscles.

TRX Plank exercise

Video: TRX Supine Plank Exercise. Hook the TRX cables so that they hang about 12″ inches off the ground. Place your heels in the stirrups so that the tops of your feet are facing upwards.

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5. TRX Standing Hip Drop

Very simple and very effective exercise. A combination of strengthening and stretching in one motion. This time, the lateral side of the body.

TRX Hip Press

6. TRX High Row

Flabby shoulder blade muscles is a common problem for back pain. Avoid it with this exercise.

TRX high row exercise

Video: TRX High Row Exercise. Grab both handles and face the anchor point. Extend your arms forward and keep your knuckles facing up. Pull your hands towards your shoulders and keep the elbows high and wide. The elbows are not behind the back. Adjust intensity by moving forward or back.

7. TRX Hip & Chest Stretch
Very enjoyable exercise that stretches almost the entire body.
trx stretch routine
8. TRX Torso Rotation
Strengthening the abdominal muscles is never enough. The last of toning exercises, now in a transverse (axial) plane.

TRX Torso Rotation exercise

Video: TRX Torso Rotation Exercise (great for developing core strength)

9. TRX Hip Hinge (one leg)
TRX hip hinge

Another very effective stretch, this time the back of your thighs.

Video: TRX Hip Hinge Single Leg Exercise. Target Area → Hamstring & Glutes.

10. TRX Figure 4 Stretch
TRX stretch

Video: TRX Figure 4 Stretch. Stand tall, feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the handles, keeping your arms straight. Place your left foot on top of your right quad. Slowly sit back as if you’re sitting in a chair. Use the straps to for assistance. Hold for 3 to 5 breaths and then switch sides.

After long day sitting in front of the computer your gluteal muscles are very grateful for their extension.

Exercise at least three times a week and try to limit sitting just necessary time. Your body will thank you.

↓↓↓ Download TRX Workout here [PDF] ↓↓↓

#workout no.2

V2: 20 minute TRX Workout Plan

This TRX Workout plan consists of two parts

  • Mobility – in the first part, we will focus on general mobility and stretching those parts of body which are often strained by sedentary type of job. They will help us prepare body for the following own part.
  •  Own exercise – is divided into 3 series and three is longer rest between them. At the beginning, do one serie of each exercise and gradually you can add even 3 series.
  • These exercises are also suitable for TRX Yoga poses


TRX Split squat w/M fly1 series5 repsrest  N/A
ergonomic exercises for manufacturing
ergonomic exercises for back pain
TRX Split squat w/Y fly1 series5 repsrest N/A
office exercises abdominals

ergonomic exercises at work

TRX lunge with hip flexor str.1 series5 repsrest N/A
office ergonomics exercises

office chair exercises for lower back pain

TRX suspension trainer outdoor training

7 Benefits of TRX Training – TRX full-body workouts

One of the key TRX’s benefits is that you are able to complete endless number of exercises with a single training tool. TRX Suspension Trainer delivers a total-body workout.

TRX wall slides1 series5 repsrest 3s
office exercises to keep you awakeoffice health exercises
TRX hip hinge1 series10 repsrest N/A
trx exercises for lower back pain
TRX T-spine rotation1 series3 each siderest 15s
printable exercises for lower back pain

abdominal exercises on TRX

TRX cossak stretch1 series6 each siderest N/A
trx suspensiontrx workout plan

1. series

TRX overhead squat2 series30srest N/A
trx workout routinetrx trainer
TRX chest press2 series30srest N/A
trx chest press
TRX Chest press
TRX plank2 series4 x 10srest N/A
Plank exercise
TRX hip press2 series30srest 1-2 min
trx exercisetrx fitness

Commercial break

drink water fitness

Fetch water and we will continue in a minute.
You are almost in the half of this exercise.
Today, it will be longer. But the result will be visible tomorrow.


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World-class training gear and customizable apps that make working out fun and deliver the results you want ➞ Try TRX Suspension Training.

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  • Innovative type of exercise (more than 300 exercises with one gear)
  • Use your own body weight.
  • Guided workouts that help you achieve your goals.
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2. series

TRX squat2 series30srest 15s
How to do TRX squatTRX squate
TRX low series2 series30srest N/A
TRX low row
TRX triceps press2 series30srest N/A
TRX triceps presstrx upper body workout
TRX side plank2 series4 x 10srest 1-2 min
trx exercise list

3. series

TRX biceps curl2 series30srest 15s
TRX biceps curlHow to exercise biceps
TRX hamstring curl2 series30srest N/A
trx hamstring curl exercise

trx hamstring curl progression

TRX push up2 series30srest N/A
trx atomic pushup benefits
TRX torso rotation2 series30s každá stranarest 1-2 min
trx torso rotationtrx torso rotation

How to anchor TRX in an office?

There are several methods how to anchor TRX.

TRX Door anchor

This nylon door suspension is a very practical assistant during your workout. Suspension shall be placed between the door frame and the door. See more

TRX Door Anchor

TRX Door Anchor • photo:  Fitness Anywhere

TRX X-mout

Simple and effective way how to anchor your TRX. TRX X-mout can be easily anchored to circumferential walls, ceiling or ceiling tiles. See more

TRX X-mount instalation

TRX X-mount • photo: Fitness Anywhere