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Good Biceps Workouts: How To Exercise Biceps using TRX

TRX Biceps Curls

Developed biceps attract almost everyone. Most of practitioners don´t have problems with the increase in biceps muscle mass, biceps belong to the most frequently exercised muscles, especially in case of beginners.

Biceps (two-headed muscle of the arm) is composed of two muscles

Biceps is one of those muscles most people admire and if you exercise, they will always want you to show it to them. Developed and defined biceps improve overall impression of well-developed body.

bicep workouts for men

How to exercise biceps? • photo: Miguel Hernandez •

  • long head (outer)
  • short head (internal)

Biceps itself is not a large muscle. It makes a impressive combination with a good triceps.

Find your own goal and go for it till you reach it!

  • you mustn´t admit defeat
  • maximum number of reps
  • sense of ultimate blood flow in muscles
  • clench biceps for improving concentration

Bicep Curls Muscles Worked

TRX biceps curls

Best TRX exercises for biceps

  • Biceps Brachii
  • Brachialis and Brachioradialis
  • Deltoid Muscle
  • Wrist Extensors
  • Flexors

1. TRX Bicep Curl

TRX Biceps Exercise Description

Slight astride posture, a slight caster angle, arms raised forward, grasp TRX  suspension trainer in front of your body, palms up – flex your arms, palms up.

TRX Biceps Exercise Technique

Medium-length of TRX suspension trainer, back straight, elbows at the shoulder-width, we can also modify at the shoulder-height.

  1. Stand in the basic position facing the TRX Suspension Trainer
  2. Arms raised forward and grab handrails while having your palms up
  3. Flex your arms in elbows, hands facing towards the head (preferably to your ears)
  4. Try to keep elbows in the same place – the movement is exercised mainly by the forearm
rope bicep curl

TRX 2 Arm Bicep Curls • photo: R-med Team •

Physiological Effect

We exercise two-headed muscle of the arm, forearm muscles and core muscles.

We regulate difficulty of the exercise

  • slope of whole body – body angle
  • stability- legs apart / together

Video: TRX Bicep Curl

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2. TRX Biceps Curl (Single Arm)

Exercise Description

Stand, right arm out, grab TRX with right hand, palm up – flex palm up.

Exercise Technique

Medium-length TRX, elbow of the working arm must direct from the body, back straight, do not bend forward.

Physiological Effect

We develop unilateral exercising of two-headed muscle of the arm and forearm muscles, this exercise is demanding on the rotary torso stability.

Breathing is very important during this exercise. Breathe out during the stroke, breathe in during the ease. Contraction and stress of muscles (muscle hypertrophy) is always accompanied by exhalation, return to the former position is accompanied by inhalation.

Video: TRX Biceps Curl (Single Hand)

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TRX Biceps: Recapitulation + 1 bonus exercise in addition

Today we have shown how it is possible to do biceps workouts and gain top muscle mass while using body weight and TRX. Biceps are symbols of power and increase respect.

TRX Biceps Clutch

Biceps generally regenerate quite well. You can include them in your training plan twice a week. You will reach maximum stimulation.

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