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Why it is Important to Work Your Entire Core

When it comes to strengthening your body, it is important to work your entire core rather than just your abdominal muscles.

A lot of people make the common mistake of focusing their energy on strengthening their abdominal muscles rather than their entire core because they want their abs to look great.

In the end, this strategy often fails because abdominals that are not properly supported by strong back muscles and other core muscles simply cannot get strong enough for that six-pack abs look.

Before we discuss why it is important to strengthen the core, let’s look at what the CORE is.

Your CORE is essentially all the muscles in the trunk of your body.

CORE includes:

  • the stomach
  • back
  • glutes
  • pelvic floor
What is CORE in human body

In simplest terms, your core includes almost everything outside of your arms and legs.

Reasons Why It’s Important To Work Your Entire Core:

1. Helps To Prevent Injuries

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One of the main reasons it is so important to focus on your entire core area is because it can help you prevent future injuries. Building a strong core involves more than doing simple abdominal exercises such as sit ups or crunches.

It is about building core stability and strength. Once you have achieved a strong core, building up your abdominal muscles is easier. Without the rest of your core being strong, your muscles are going to be severely imbalanced.

This will likely result in injuries because your body is going to be compensating in one way or another which can result in poor form and function.

2. Get Rid Of Back Pain

Another reason to focus on building a solid core rather than just your abdominal area is because it will help you to most effectively rid yourself of back pain. Back pain is typically a side effect of having a weak core.

core training definition

CORE Training – Best Workouts For Your Body

Do you have a strong CORE? CORE training strengthens and stabilizes trunk, pelvis and the area of spine. Strong and stable CORE is critical if you want to prevent injuries.


Building a good amount of core strength can help to balance out the muscles in both the front and back of your body which can help you to more comfortably hold yourself upright and enjoy better posture.

3. Protect Your Inner Organs

core exercise routine

Your core surrounds some of the most vital organs in your body. It also happens to be where some of the most important arteries and veins are located. By keeping a relatively strong core, you will have muscles in place to protect yourself during day to day activities.

For instance, your spinal cord is something that your core protects. If your spinal cord is not adequately protected, it is going to significantly impact your movements which can eventually lead to pain, and in turn, lead to a decrease in quality of life.

4. Improves Your Ability To Do Day To Day Activities

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The strength of your core impacts many day to day activities that we all must perform but often take for granted.

These include picking up something off of the floor, reaching to grab an item out of the cabinet, climbing stairs or even stepping into the tub or transferring out of a chair or bed.

Without having a solid core, these activities become difficult or possibly even impossible, increasing the need for assistance and reducing options for continuing to enjoy the comforts of home as you age.

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There are many reasons to work out the entirety of your core rather than just your abdominal muscles.

It is important to gain some kind of balance in your core area if you want to maintain proper posture and well being.

Not only will it help you reduce the amount of back pain you experience, but it will also ensure that you stay as healthy as possible, protecting your essential organs and spine in the process.

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Why it is Important to Work Your Entire Core
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