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TRX Suspension Trainer – Gym in a bag

TRX gym in a bag

TRX has been the most wanted fitness equipment for last few years.  It is a product that should not be missing in an equipment of every coach or fitness center.

It delivers maximum results in a minimal period of time, and it will help you to build a slim and strong body.

What does TRX suspension training stand for?

Suspension training develops physical strength while using functional movements and dynamic positions. While doing sports and everyday exercise, we always move in many ways. Exercising with TRX Suspension System allows us to do some exercises in these ways, as well as we do when we live.

Muscle mass increases steadily, which reduces the risk of injury and enhances our performance.

TRX Equipment

TRX is composed of two fixed straps of adjustable length with handles for hands or feet.  Workout itself is performed the way that one part of the body is always on the pad (which is usually placed on the ground) and the second one is suspended on TRX.

TRX Bands

TRX Suspension Straps

TRX trainer is portable and brings more functionality than large and expensive machines that cost from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands crowns.

With TRX you can exercise anywhere

Thanks to TRX you can exercise at home without the need to travel to the fitness center and back. You don’t waste time and energy searching for fitness machines or weights.

Capture TRX straps

Original TRX Anchoring ideas – TRX straps can be mount evereywhere

Compact and lightweight design of TRX bands allows you to use it anywhere you like.  You can even hang it on the door.

Efficiency of the TRX Workout

Reduction of your own body weight and gravity adapts to your physical fitness the way that you move your body closer or away from the anchor point.

TRX Bands Workouts

Workouts using TRX Suspension Trainer

You don’t have to go for another set of dumbbells or add greater weight on a fitness machine. You simply change the position of your feet.  It still allows you to perform your demanding training.

You can exercise whole body, perform exercises improving flexibility, strength or explosiveness.  You can even perform exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, TRX squats and thrusts.

You can perform infinite number of exercises with one single piece of equipment.

30 minutes TRX workout plan

TRX Workouts – How To Strengthen The Whole Body in 30 Minutes

Is it possible to work all the muscles in your body in 30 minutes? Try a training plan, which will help you strengthen your whole body. And moreover, you will enjoy it.

TRX builds a strong and stable body (CORE)

trx training equipment

Randy Couture, a UFC legend and a film star of THE EXPENDABLES • photo:

During every exercise, you involve your body (CORE), which is the basis of all efficient and effective human body movements.

Everything you do in your life starts with the core.  You bend down to pick up a pen on the ground, wash a car or play basketball with the kids.

The CORE provides stability and flexibility of the body.

The main parts of the CORE include:

  • abdominal area,
  • back, ABS,
  • chest and pelvis

How was TRX developed?

TRX was originally developed like a versatile system providing full-body strengthening even in extreme conditions by American military and special forces.

TRX Military Workout

TRX Military Fitness Program – Photo:

As soldiers were spending most of their time on ships or in submarines, they were forced to train in small premises with a limited possibility of training equipment.

TRX Navy Seals Workout

How was the TRX Suspension Trainer created?

Randy Hetrick is the creator of the TRX Suspension Trainer, but….the elements of modern exercise philosophy known as suspension training have existed in various forms already for hundreds of years.

In short time period they laid foundations of a training, which provided entirely new and original category of functional training.

Randy Hetrick is the creator of the TRX Suspension Trainer, but….the elements of modern exercise philosophy known as suspension training have existed in various forms already for hundreds of years.

TRX group training

Group-based Training

Try entertaining and innovative group exercise with TRX under the leadership of great trainers.  You will learn basic principles of the suspension system.

You will enjoy this training and will certainly come back to attend TRX lessons.

Training at home

All TRX bands provide a possibility to carry out effective and functional exercises in domestic conditions.  Personal Video – Your coach will guide you through the training.

You can play it on any equipment including computers, tablets or mobile phones.

trx home workout routines

Who uses TRX bands?

People have adopted the TRX Suspension Training and group courses are very successful in many countries around the world.

TRX Reviews

TRX Training System is very popular fitness equipment

  • TRX is a cornerstone of training programs of hundreds of professional athletes in football, baseball, basketball, hockey (try TRX Training for hockey – strength and conditioning program [PDF]), martial arts, triathlon, golf, tennis, skiing, snowboarding, swimmipolng, surfing or motocross competitions.
  • Many coaches of well-known celebrities have included the TRX Suspension Training into the regular workout of their clients. And they have amazing results.
  • Wellness centers adopted TRX into programs for senior citizens, because exercising enables older people to move without fear of falling down.
  • Physiotherapists use TRX exercises to rehabilitate patients in hospital centers and sports medical clinics.

What is TRX training good for?

TRX training is designed for complete beginners as well as for elite athletes.  Exercises can be escalated easily.  The load can be set according to your body position. 

A completely equipped fitness center in one travel bag

TRX bands reviews

How to use TRX Suspension Trainer

Human body is made for making movements.  While exercising with TRX bands, your muscle mass increases proportionally and steadily, what reduces the risk of injury and enhances performance.

TRX allows a wide range of suspension techniques, which can be carried out anywhere, at any time and by anyone.

TRX Training Benefits

TRX installation – How To Set Up TRX at home or outside?

How to anchor TRX properly? TRX bands can be captured anywhere. Read more to find out how can be TRX anchored correctly and safely.

Whether your goal is rehabilitation after injuries, increasing overall physical fitness or top competition, go for it with the TRX Suspension Training.

TRX Training equipment


  • adapted for home utilization and individuals
  • provides effective full-body workout at home or on the road
  • you receive procedures and personal video trainings for your PC, tablets and mobiles FREE OF CHARGE

TRX® Tactical Gym

  • Suitable for home, military and commercial purposes
  • includes comprehensive program of elite military units
  • you receive application for intensive military video-training for your PC, tablets and mobiles FREE OF CHARGE


  • adapted to fitness centers and for commercial use
  • the most resistant of whole TRX series with more grappling options
  • you obtain verified procedures and on-line teaching videos intended for TRX instructors and coaches FREE OF CHARGE
youtube workout videos

Review of the favourite TRX training video on Youtube

Youtube and Facebook are full of video tips about how to exercise with TRX. Can you follow them? Are they good or bad?

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