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Is the sit up the best exercise for the abs?

Six Pack

This is still more and more debated topic and many discussions are held about it. Anyone, who has ever taken part in some kind of exercise, has certainly heard many pieces of advice and tips for the top abs  exercise.

It is the same with the exercise for the best shaped ab muscles and best fat burner exercises…And everyone has at least one favorite exercise to torture his or her abs.

As it is said- people are different

  1. Do we really need to burn the abs or the „six-pack“?
  2. Is the look more important than functionality of abdominal muscles?

If you have answered „NO“to both questions, this article is aimed exactly at you.

Why it is Important to Work Your Entire Core

A lot of people make the common mistake of focusing their energy on strengthening their abdominal muscles rather than their entire core because they want their abs to look great.


I have created the top ten chart of abs exercises. Either with the TRX or without, but as I see it. I do not enforce to anyone that my opinion is the only right one but it may inspire some of you in the change of training or ideas about correct exercise.

10. TRX Sit-up

This exercise was typical during the period when shell-boards were used for this exercise. Except for the fact, that only a few are able to manage this exercise technically and with their power, this exercise is useless.

In majority of cases, we join the muscles of lower limbs and not abs. If so, how many times in life do you use this movement?

9. TRX Leg raise

Similarly like a prevuous exercise, it is hard to manage this exercise with your own power. Hip flexors are joined if you want to master this movement perfectly. But if you are able to keep the lower back and pelvis in the right position, enjoy this movement.

Benefits of TRX Training – TRX full-body workouts

One of the key TRX’s benefits is that you are able to complete endless number of exercises with a single training tool. TRX Suspension Trainer delivers a total-body workout.


8. Rotation with a medicine ball in a sitting position

Medicinball exercises

This is a very widespread and popular exercise. It is undoubtedly suitable for exercising the oblique abdominal muscles. This is true only when you are technically prepared and have enough power to master this exercise.

If your abdomen is not strong enough, you will overload lower back and the direct thigh muscle together with hip flexor is excessively activated- and you do not want it.

7. Plank

TRX Plank

This exercise seems to be very easy, but the contrary is true. If you are not sure if you exercise correctly, ask your fitness instructor for help. Only after mastering this basic „board“, you can continue with other exercises

6. TRX Crunch

Crunch exercise is conditioned by mastering the previous exercise. When exercising TRX it is such a „classics“ that you will not spoil anything and you will relatively well exercise all abdominal area.

Circuit training routine

10 Best Exercises for Circuit Training

Circuit training is an excellent way to improve mobility, strength and stamina. This workout can be exercised at home and in a gym.


5. TRX Pike

TRX Pike

It is similar like the previous exercise. What is more, when exercising Pike- you will join also the muscles from the shoulder girdle area. It is a great exercise for gymnasts when practicing hand spring.

4. TRX Side plank with rotation

This is super but very difficult movement for exercising oblique abdominal muscles and spine rotators. If you dare to do it and you think you will manage it, enjoy it!

3. TRX Pendulum

It is another from the group of great TRX exercises for strengthening core of the body. Thanks to a break in basic position after preceding side movement, you are forced to activate deep stabilizing muscles and exercise also those muscles which are very often missing in a gym.

2. Toes To Bar

It is one of the most efficient exercising for toning of abdominal muscles. It is not only strong on abdominal muscles but also prowess and flexibility of upper and lower limbs. If you are able to exercise handstand on trapeze correctly, you can say that you can exercise.

8 Most Common Mistakes during the TRX Workout

Correct technique of your TRX workout is very important, therefore, you should not underestimate it. It should be applied to any training session.


1. TRX Standing roll out

This is an absolute winner from all exercises for abdominal muscles for me. When exercised correctly, you will not only join almost all 32 muscles which participate  in the function of your core, but you will also exercise breast muscles.

If you manage to exercise in a big angle, you will gain firm and especially functional abdomen. Another possibility how to effectively tone your abs and all core of the body is the series of unilateral exercises.

We will talk next time.

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Is the sit up the best exercise for the abs?
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