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Top Pre-Work Supplements – Pros and Cons

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To exercise, you need some form of energy. Many people find it hard to maintain long exercise sessions because the body is not healthy. While you are exercising to improve your health, there are basic requirements for exercise. This is why you need supplements.

Suitability of a pre-workout supplement is dependent on the type of exercise. Also, your goal in exercising determines the kind of supplement to buy. Some supplements are designed for increasing power while others are for endurance. Most supplements also include fats and proteins; the amount you consume should be proportional to the exercise level.

Familiarizing with ingredients of various supplements will help you in making an informed choice that will enhance your exercising. Pre workout supplements increase energy and endurance.

Here are the most common ingredients that distinguish supplements.


Taking tea or coffee before working out helps to boost your endurance and alertness. By stimulating the brain, you will feel less tired. There are many surprising health benefits of coffee.

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Besides, it increases power, which is crucial in sprinting and cycling. Caffeine can help you to cycle for more minutes and longer distances because of the extra force.

Caffeine mainly increases endurance on long duration exercises.

However, it has different effects to different people; you should start with a lower dose to establish a comfortable amount.


The molecules influence muscles; the aim with supplements containing Creatine is to increase mass, exercise performance, and strength.

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The molecules stimulate production of energy inside muscle cells, which are an important aspect in exercise. Performance and sustenance level in exercise is dependent on strength of muscles. You can’t exercise effectively without muscle cells.

Building muscle strength is a good place to start in exercising, this is why you will find this ingredient in any pre-work supplement.


Fatigue is the main hindrance to exercise. Fatigue occurs during exercise because of accumulation of acid in the muscles. The rate of accumulation differs in people and the type of exercise.

Beta-alanine is the best way to reduce accumulation of acids in the body.

Beta-alanine also helps in improving performance during intense exercise. The lower the acid the lower the fatigue; you can endure long periods of exercise irrespective of the intensity.

However, if you are only taking a minute or less to exercise, it is not advisable to use this ingredient or type of pre-work supplement because it will have an opposite effect.

6 grams a day is enough for people exercising rigorously; by increasing endurance, your exercise performance level will increase as stated by on the road to fit.


Citrulline occurs naturally in the body to help with blood flow.

However, you can take supplements with this ingredient to boost the amino acid level in the body. The amino acids enhance blood flow through tissues. One of the elements carried in blood is oxygen; proper supply of oxygen to all body parts help in flexibility of muscles.

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l-citrulline weight loss

Proper blood flow helps you to endure long durations of exercise.

One of the causes of muscle soreness during exercise is inadequate blood and oxygen in the tissues. Citruline ensures the muscles remain flexible throughout exercise hence long endurance.

It is an integral nutrient in pre-work supplements.

Sodium Bicarbonate

It is a surprise to many but it works in sports the way you use it in food. The main role of baking soda is fighting acid in the body.

Acid accumulation in muscles is the main reason you feel tired after few minutes of exercising. The burning feeling in muscles is often an indication of increasing acids in muscles. While acid level is dependent on intensity of exercise, any rigorous movement of muscles trigger acid release.

Do not over consume sodium bicarbonate, it can easily lead to stomach upsets. It may not also be suitable to individuals who are salt sensitive. Nevertheless, it is an effective ingredient in pre-workout supplements.

Baking soda is the best way to handle muscle burn.


The molecules are easily available in vegetables; beetroot and turnips are also common sources of nitrate. The body also naturally produces nitrates but in small amounts.

nitrates in food (vegetable)

Foods high in nitrates / Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

The molecule is not beneficial in its original form. It helps in increasing blood flow but only after conversion to nitric oxide. Beetroot as a notable source of nitrate boosts speed just before the acid accumulates. It also regulates the amount of oxygen consumed during exercise.

Boosting the nitrates body will increase performance during exercise. Nitrate sources are safe to consume.

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Is buying or homemade safe?

Pre-work supplements vary. Some are available in your garden and you might be consuming most of the ingredients on a daily basis while some have to be processed. Of course, you can make most of the supplements in your home because they contain natural ingredients.

The only challenge with homemade pre-work supplements is accuracy of your measurements.

The levels of Citrulline, caffeine, and nitrate have an impact on your overall health.

Buying pre-work supplements is an easier option because you can be accurate with the dosage to avoid unnecessary complications in the body.

There is extensive research and scientific proof behind pre-work supplements. However, you cannot buy any supplement and assume it will work for you. It is important to consult a doctor to identify a suitable type of pre-work supplement that won’t affect your body. Find out the ingredients and consult.

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