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7 Ways to Make Your Workout Feel Easier

Working out isn’t easy. If it was, it would do no good to your body.

If it feels too easy to you, you’re probably not putting enough effort into it. Even though it’s cheesy, there is no gain without pain. That’s a fact.

However, let’s see what you can do to make your workouts seem easier, because the easier they feel, the more you’ll want to keep going during the next session.

Pack the bag ahead

Pack your gym stuff before even heading out. Make it as convenient as possible to go to the gym by keeping a fully stocked gym bag ready. Yes, it doesn’t have anything to do with the actual exercise but mentally, you’ll feel better. It’ll be easier.

trx workouts

TRX Training – Gym in a bag

Imagine having to pack quickly and you don’t know where you left those socks or shoes. The chances are that you’ll forget something when you’re in the rush. So, start the whole experience on a positive note in good time.

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Great Ways to Prepare for the Gym

For a flawless routine, get your prepping list ready to cover all the essentials, and make sure that nothing disturbs your future workouts!

Boost the motivation

It’s obvious that on some days we feel like slouching on the couch rather than hitting weights. It’s okay, that’s completely normal. But, just then you have to find that little bit of motivation and get up. Things that could help you with the mood boost are numerous.

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Fitness motivation

The ones that most people turn to are their workout playlist and fresh gym clothes. Get pumped up by listening to your favorite beats – you need to feel strong and confident. Also, this one is especially common among the lifters.

Good gear and gym clothes really give you an extra kick while doing reps. That’s why many lifters often look for those stylish men’s gym hoodies. It boosts their body temperature and helps them feel satisfied, which makes exercising easier for them.

A cup of coffee won’t hurt

Caffeine actually boosts your endurance and energy during intense workouts. That’s a fact. Therefore, treat yourself to a cup of coffee before a workout. It may sound strange but it’s really a good idea.

A tip for you: Surprising Health Benefits of Coffee

coffee workout benefits

Coffee before workout bodybuilding

On top of that, you’ll also burn more calories due to the content of the caffeine in the beverage. It increases fat oxidation and the metabolism rate. So, drink up!

7 benefits of high intensity interval training

Benefits of HIIT Training – 7 Reasons to Include HIIT Workout in Your Routine

HIIT workout causes extended fat loss that can continue for an entire day after the HIIT training has been completed. If you’ve set a defined goal of losing weight fast and getting into shape this program is the best for you.

Get a gym buddy

Exercising with a friend can considerably boost your workout results. A study conducted at Oxford University showed that members of a rowing team who exercised together could tolerate twice as much pain as those who did their exercise alone.

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Benefits of working out with a friend

The researchers claim this effect happens because of the heightened endorphin surge, which occurs when working out as a group. Therefore, find a gym buddy and your workouts will feel a lot easier. And it will be more fun, too.

Hydrate yourself

Even though it’s well known that we need to drink those 8 glasses of water per day, many of us fail to do so. It’s most likely due to the fact that we don’t feel the need to drink until we are thirsty. But that isn’t good at all since thirst is an early sign of dehydration.

And athletes need more than the bare minimum of 8 glasses. So, stay hydrated before, during and after your workouts. You’ll feel more energized and you’ll perform better, which makes the experience less difficult.

The right mindset

Instead of always thinking how pain is bad, change your mindset and see it as a sign of the good things to come. When you feel tired and in pain, you’re actually growing your muscles, you are becoming stronger.

fitness mindset quotes

Fitness mindset

That is a positive perspective which you need to emphasize. If you end up wining about the pain, you are more likely to slow down and take it easy. And that is not good. Embrace the pain, that’s a positive thing.

workout recovery

Recovery Matters – How to Relieve Post Workout Muscle Pain and Soreness

Over-training is not a myth. Training for recovery is a sensible and productive training strategy that suits professional and amateur athletes. Take these tips for a recovery-based training strategy and apply them to your workout and meal plan.

The effect of a hot bath

To put it simple, take a hot bath after your workout. By taking a hot bath after each workout on a regular basis, you’re actually helping your body acclimate to heat and subsequently improve your exercise performance [source].  That is especially important if you like to work out outdoors in the heat.

hot bath benefits for muscles

Side effects of hot water bath

Researchers claim that hot water immersion after an exercise serves as a good heat acclimation strategy to improve endurance and performance. This tip has helped runners a lot since they have to do all the performance outside most of the time. A treadmill is a world of difference from an actual outdoors marathon.

Every fitness aficionado is always looking for ways to improve things that have something to do with exercising. Making it feel easier is certainly one of those. Therefore, do your homework and you’ll see that it doesn’t have to feel as hard as it used to.

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