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6 Ways to Maximize Your Workout for Weight Loss

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The daily struggle to lose weight can be a source of frustration and anxiety for many individuals. Some of us implement workout plans for weight loss that never seem to work.

If you have had a difficult time getting the weight off that you desire, consider implementing these 6 different methods that will help you to maximize your workout. Not only is it possible to lose more weight, but you will feel more successful in accomplishing your fitness goals.

1. Strength training for weight loss

You shouldn’t pay a fitness membership fee just to go on the treadmill every day. Strenght training plays an important role in weight loss.

A common misconception is believing that you need to spend an hour a day on a cardio machine in order to shed pounds. Adding extra muscle to your body will burn additional calories throughout the day.

Maximize your workouts every week by incorporating strength training at least two or three times into your cardio routine.

For example, if you work out for 45 minutes, a great strategy would be to combine both cardio and strength training for your session. Make sure to find a gym that offers the possibility to take part in both cardio and strength types of training.

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Lifting weights to lose weight fast

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2. HIIT training for weight loss

One can’t lose weight without breaking a sweat. Unless a prior medical condition exists, bumping up the rigor of a workout is important.

Strolling on the treadmill at two miles an hour while watching your favorite television show won’t help meet the weight loss goal. Increasing heart rate and sweating can be signs that you are working hard enough.

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HIIT training can be performed with different fitness tools • photo: R-med Team • flickr.com

An extended cardio workout on a treadmill can become monotonous. Also, sticking to a workout plan is difficult if you don’t enjoy it. One type of workout to consider is high intensity interval training or HIIT training.

A study conducted by Harvard Medical School claimed HIIT workouts to be more enjoyable. This type of training involves short, but intense periods of work followed by recovery time.

This can help break up the routine of a typical continuous cardio workout and help loose more weight.

7 benefits of high intensity interval training

Benefits of HIIT Training – 7 Reasons to Include HIIT Workout in Your Routine

HIIT workout causes extended fat loss that can continue for an entire day after the HIIT training has been completed. If you’ve set a defined goal of losing weight fast and getting into shape this program is the best for you.

3. What You Eat Before Matters

An effective workout is not possible without a correctly fueled body. Unless you are purposely performing cardio in the morning on an empty stomach, try some of these foods to give you a boost in the gym.

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Benefits of eating a banana before workout – a good way to boost your glycogen stores and increase blood sugar levels

  • Bananas – As a food that is high in potassium and natural sugars, a banana can give you the sustainable energy for a workout.
  • Oatmeal  Oatmeal is a slowly digestible food that gives you a great source of complex carbohydrates that you need.
  • Sweet Potato – Adding a sweet potato that is a source of lean protein to the day’s meal is a great way to power through your planned activity.
  • Greek Yogurt – This is a great snack high in protein that won’t weigh you down before hitting the gym. Slice some fruit on top. Bananas or strawberries make a good choice.
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Superfood Trends That Will Keep You Fit for Life

To help you stay healthy for years to come, we give you a short list of superfood trends and benefits that are making their mark on 2018.

4. What You Do After Matters

Working out may take only one hour of your day.

So what about the other 23 hours?

To get the most out of any workout, you need to be informed of the correct ways to refuel and recover your body. After a workout, one can consume high quality complex carbohydrates like sweet potatoes or rice along with lean sources of protein like chicken or fish.

Also, make sure to get plenty of rest at night. If you properly take care of your body after a workout, you will be loose weight more effectively.

5. Change It Up

The human body is highly adaptable to different lifestyle changes. As you begin your workout plan remember that it is important to change the approach every so often. If you go to the gym every week and do the same exact workout, eventually your body will plateau.

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TRX training is an effective workout system that demands generating and controlling strength in a dynamic and changing environment.

Challenge yourself with new exercises or workout routines that keep your body guessing. Feeling uncomfortable is a good indication that your body is being summoned to meet the task of the workout.

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Find A Source of Motivation

Some of us might find it difficult to identify the motivation to start a workout plan. Some days you’ll find almost any excuse not to work out.

You can try bringing along some of your favorite music to get your revved up for the gym or to make the time go faster.

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Motivational workout quotes

Another thing you can try is to get a workout partner. Champions come in pairs of two and your workout partner can give you the extra boost you need a day. A great partner can be find in your spouse or husband.

She or he can help you stay motivated and this will also make you become closer as a couple.

Weight loss can certainly be a daunting task. If you have a rough time losing weight, try the 6 tips mentioned above to maximize your workout. By maximising your workout you will be able to loose weight faster.

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Great Ways to Prepare for the Gym

For a flawless routine, get your prepping list ready to cover all the essentials, and make sure that nothing disturbs your future workouts!

Strength training or HIIT workout will prove to be very useful in this situation. An equilibrate diet and finding a source of information are also of a good help.