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Benefits of HIIT Training – 7 Reasons to Include HIIT Workout in Your Routine

7 benefits of high intensity interval training

Does exercise have to be a set of routines that we blindly follow? Is being deemed a healthy person the manifestation of daily rituals and actions that we take without asking questions?

Benefits of HIIT Training

What if there were an athletic framework that encouraged spontaneity, rapid fat loss, muscle building, but more importantly – FUN! The underlying element of success, regardless of the pursuit, is enjoyment on a foundation of fulfilment. For readers that want to take their workout to the next level, this is for you.

1. A New Approach to an Old System

After we’ve set a defined goal of losing weight fast and getting into shape, we begin to form habits that support that concept. But over the course of weeks and months, our gruelling effort slowly turns into a mundane action that we “just do.”

Unfortunately, this state of normality can hinder our progress and make weight loss an uphill battle that seems never ending.

When we adopt a high intensity interval training regimen (HIIT) into our lifestyle, we introduce a new state of novelty that excites us for the future.

Ever had a moment in your life where you couldn’t wait to start the day, or had difficulty falling asleep at night?

The anticipation of something new, something that can steer our lives in a new direction, sparks the true nature of who we are. HIIT, in a general sense, gives us that feeling once again.

2. Defeating A Plateau

With newfound excitement comes the energy and willpower to push ourselves to new heights and meet the demands of challenging tasks. In terms of athletic performance and energy output, this translates directly to new standards of stamina and endurance.

7 Benefits of HIIT Training

HIIT training workout

When kick our training up a notch, it directly correlates to the results we see in the mirror – fat loss and muscle building combined. Are you currently suffering from stagnation in your efforts?

Is your body in that “OK” area, but not where you envisioned it to be at the beginning of your journey?

HIIT forces your system to adapt, overcome and exert itself in ways you never thought possible.

Interval training is the go-to framework to bust through limitations and periods of mediocrity.

3. Fat Loss Explosion

If this wasn’t already abundantly clear, HIIT training is hard!

Not just hard, it will take everything you’ve got to complete even a 10-minute session. Although the amount of effort and energy expenditure required to complete a HIIT workout plan is intimidating and daunting, that’s what makes it great.

high intensity interval training results

Benefits of high intensity interval training

The body is forced to use unwanted fat from problem areas as an immediate source of fuel to pull through the next five, six or seven minutes.

Many users report significant fat in a much smaller time frame as opposed to their current cardio approach.

4. The Afterburn

The biggest benefit of HIIT workout is the aftereffect that practitioners experience once they finish. When a person completes a high intensity interval session, their body goes into overdrive to repair and maintain a sense of balance in the muscle tissue.

This state of exhaustion causes extended fat loss that can continue for an entire day after the HIIT workout has been completed.

A study conducted by Jeffrey W. King of East Tennessee State University followed a group of overweight women to understand the difference between interval-style training as opposed to steady state.

Although King found that both frameworks had beneficial results on the subject’s overall weight loss, it was HIIT that provided a window (up to 24 hours) of fat loss that occurred after the workout was completed. This means, in a general sense, that you can burn unwanted problem areas for an entire day after you’ve performed a session – AMAZING!

motivational workout quote of the day

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5. HIIT is Highly Flexible

Be honest – are you easily bored?

So are we. The beauty of an HIIT approach to fitness is that it encourages you to be flexible and creative in the approach you take to transform your body. Are you in a hotel room with no access to a standard gym? Good, let’s get our mind churning.

benefits of HIIT training

HIIT Workouts for women

Could we perform a circuit of sixty seconds followed by thirty seconds of rest, repeating for fifteen minutes? From there, it’s all about how we can move our body.

Do burpees sound fun?

What about some vigorous jumping jacks, push ups, skipping rope exercises or TRX training? Once you have an understanding of how the interval periods work, it basically becomes a debate of picking your poison.

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6. It’s Brilliant for Bikers and Long-Distance Athletes

For those of you that may be in a situation where you’re preparing for a long bike ride or distance competition, HIIT can dramatically improve your stamina and mental toughness in stressful situations.

HIIT circuit

HIIT Workout for bikers

Strength Training for Cyclists at Home

Looking for a strength training for cyclists? Training your body to be at its best when it comes to cycling can be achieved through a combination of targeted exercises.

Stationary and recumbent bikes are perfect to train your system to go further distances and build much-needed stamina to perform at a high level.

Trying using your equipment in 45/25 second intervals — 45-seconds of intensity followed by 25-seconds of cruising. Repeat this process for fifteen minutes and notice how bad it burns!

This HIIT exercise is a killer and a must-have for seasoned HIIT practitioners as well as the newbies.

7. HIIT Will Change Your Life

At the risk of sounding like a terrible cliche, interval training will change your life. This isn’t up for debate – people who have a habitual routine of exercise live longer.

A recent article published by Live Science revealed that people who exercise even moderately (2 to 3 hours per week) can extend their life by up to three years.

Life is beautiful and meant to be lived, but the joy we experience is directly related to the level of fitness and health we’ve attained.

Don’t let your life, or the lives of the individuals you care about, be negatively impacted from a lousy exercise routine. Get in shape today and embrace the benefits of HIIT training.

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