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10 Simple Exercises to Lose Weight Easily at Home

lose weight at home fast

Everyone wants to stay in shape as far as they can. It’s necessary for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, a boost to the mood, and also ensures that you’re able to keep your body slim and lose weight without too much difficulty – lose weight easily at home.

Many people choose to invest in a gym membership in the hope that it will motivate them to achieve their weight goals. And while gyms certainly do have a lot to offer, at the end of the day there’s no reason why you need to pay money to maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise regime.

There are tons of straightforward exercises you can carry out in your home on a regular basis, which are pretty much guaranteed to help you lose weight. We’re going to look at a few of the best ones. Once you know how it’s done, all you need to do is integrate them into a regular routine, and before long you’ll be seeing the difference.

1. Push ups are still one of the best exercises around

Most people are pretty familiar with push ups. They’re one of the most standard exercises for building up arm muscles. But they are also a great way of burning off excess energy in order to get rid of calories and reduce your weight.

push ups home workout

Push up workout for beginners

They may seem pretty straightforward, but if you don’t do them properly, you won’t get any of the benefits.

How to do Push ups:

Lie with you face down and your hands near your shoulders. Keep your arms straight, but don’t lock them, so that your muscle is still bearing the weight. Then, bend your elbows and lower yourself down to the floor. Once you’re down as far as you can go, straighten your arms to return yourself to your initial position.

Push ups aren’t the easiest exercise in the world, but if you keep them up on a regular basis, you’re going to start seeing the difference.

2. Pull ups are worth the investment in a bar

Underhand grip pull ups are a great way to improve your biceps, as well as lats, forearms, grip strength and abs. Unfortunately, most households do not have anything inherently useful for doing grip pulls on.

pull ups exercise

A pull-up is a “compound” exercise that involves a large number of big and small muscles

This means that if you want to integrate them into your routine, you’re going to have to buy yourself a pull up bar. These can be easily picked up in sports shops, and most are fairly easy to bolt into a corridor or door frame. Once installed, underhand pull ups are pretty straightforward.

How to do Pull ups:

Start handing from the bar with your arms straight and palms facing towards you. Make sure you have a comfortable grip, and your arms are comfortably spaced. Then pull yourself up until your chin is just over the bar. Then gradually release to bring yourself back to your initial position.

TIP: How to Build Muscle – Muscle hypertrophy training principles

3. Squats help lose weight and develop thighs

Squats are a great exercise to build up muscle in many parts of your body. You may initially have some difficulty with them, as many people aren’t used to stretching in the way that they are required to. However, with time they can become an invaluable part of any exercise routine.

TRX Squats workout plan

Squat exercises at home vs. in a gym

Squats are a great way to work on your glutes, abs, calves and quads, and are a popular choice of exercise in many different kinds of routines. They are very easy to do.

How to do Squats:

All you need to do is stand with your legs shoulder width apart. Gradually bend your knees and lower yourself until your thighs are roughly parallel with the floor beneath you. Then, simply straighten your knees to return yourself to a standing position. Repeat as many times as you are comfortable with.

TIP: If you need help with this exercise, try an easier version = Squats using the TRX Suspension Trainer.

3 TRX Leg Exercises – TRX Squats, One Leg Squat and Jump Squats

TRX Squats are ideal way how to exercise leg muscles. TRX Squats will exercise all major muscle groups with an emphasis on quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteal muscles, calves, abdomen and lower back.

4. Dumbbells can be easily improvised if necessary

Dumbbell swings are great for exercise in general, and more specifically for losing fat around your shoulders. As with pull ups, if you don’t have the equipment, you may need to purchase some in order to carry out these exercises.

Sports shops sell a wide range of different dumbbells and dumbbell sets that you can pick from.

Or, you can simply make use of another item, such as a large tin of tomatoes. Whatever your choice, there’s plenty to gain from incorporating this exercise into your routine.

How to do Dumbbell swings:

First, stand with your feet apart, wider than the breadth of your shoulders. Place your dumbbell on the floor. Squat down carefully, tightening your core as you do so. Then pick up the dumbbell, with your palm facing your body (if you are looking for a perfect dumbbell, read this review).

Keep your back straight, lifting yourself up and swinging the dumbbell up towards the ceiling. Repeat as much as you feel comfortable with.

5. Barbell squats are intense but worthwhile

Barbell squats are a great way to get in shape, as well as to lose weight. You’re going to need to pick up a set of barbells if you don’t already have them. Unfortunately, unlike dumbbells, this isn’t really something that you can easily improvise.

How to do Barbell squats:

Your feet should be firmly planted on the floor, at slightly more than shoulder width apart. Have a racked barbell at rest on the upper part of your neck. Take the bar about thirty centimetres outside of your shoulders, and tighten your core as you step out from the barbell rack.

Then, gently squat down, finishing when your quads are parallel. From here, stand up in a full standing position. Stay there for a second, then lower yourself and repeat.

Barbell Squat Tip:

6. You can do russian twists anywhere

Russian twists are an ideal exercise for building up healthy abs. They’re also great because they don’t need any equipment. All you need is somewhere comfortable to carry out the exercise.

russian twists

How to do Russian twists

How to do Russian twists:

First, lie down on the floor, with your back upright and your knees slightly bent. From there, gently lower yourself backwards, while keep your back straight and erect. Then, stretch your arms out, and twist them from side to side. You should quickly feel the burn in your abs.

7. Skipping is an underrated exercise

Skipping is a great way to get a large amount of cardio exercise, without having to leave the house. It’s an underestimated choice when it comes to getting a good amount of exercise, which is a shame really.

skipping rope workout for weight loss

Skipping rope cardio workout for weight loss

If you’ve got the space, you can easily do it inside. If not, you can go to the park or a garden for it.

Skipping is a great choice, and if you decide to integrate it into your routine, you should try and push yourself as far as possible. The more effort you put into your skipping, the more you will be able to get out of it in terms of weight loss.

jump roping exercises

Health benefits of skipping rope exercise. Is it good for you?

Why to jump with skipping rope and what are the health benefits? Rope skipping belongs to fitness activities which help you burn more calories than running.

8. Planks are the ideal exercise for your abs

Plank crawl is a good choice for anyone looking to quickly burn off weight. It’s effective, but it also requires a lot of effort, so it’s worth taking it slowly if you want to incorporate it into your exercise.

It’s essentially a variation on the standard push up, but brings you down into a plank position.

How to do Plank:

Effectively, you start in the regular position, and then lower yourself down to the plank position, leading with first one arm, then another. Switch between your leading arms every few reps in order to ensure that everything is balanced properly. As with push ups, you can do this exercise with your knees touching the floor if you want to decrease the difficulty.

basic plank workout

Basic Plank Exercise

The plank on its own is also a great way to work on your abs and lose weight. You simply have to start lying on the ground in the prone position, with your weight resting on your knees and lowered arms. Look forward as you straighten and tense, placing your weight on your toes and shoulders. Maintain the position and you’ll feel the pressure on your abs. It’s the ideal way to slim down.

Stomach vacuum exercises are a good way of introducing low stress exercise into an otherwise strenuous routine. They put more of an emphasis on breathing, rather than on increasing your heart rate. The most basic form of this exercise involves going down on all fours, and inhaling deeply while loosening your abdomen. Hold for a moment, then exhale whilst tensing your abdomen. Hold your position for fifteen to thirty seconds. Repeat this for as much as you are comfortable.

ab exercises at home

Top 10 Good Ab Exercises To Do At Home

Do we really need to burn the ab muscles or the „six-pack“? Is the look more important than functionality of abdominal muscles? Try these top ten ab exercises. Sit ups strengthen just a few muscle groups, are hard on your back and bad for you.

Standing pelvic tilts are another really simple way of getting exercise in a similar manner. All you need to do is stand with your feet shoulder width apart, and knees slightly bent. Inhale deeply while pushing your belly inwards, and rolling your hips outwards. Hold for a time, and then relax and repeat.

9. Lunge twists are ideal for beginners

A lunge twist is a really simple exercise which is ideal for beginners looking to quickly drop some weight around the belly.

How to do Lunge twist:

Starting with your legs straight and at shoulder width, move one of your legs forward, bending the knee and leaning forward into it. As you do this, twist just your torso, first in one direction, then in the other.

This is a great way of building up your abs and reducing belly fat. It’s a great variation on standard lunges, which are also a top exercise for getting your weight down.

10. TRX Standing roll out

This workout requires TRX suspension trainer. When exercised correctly, you will not only join almost all 32 muscles which participate  in the function of your core, but you will also exercise breast muscles. This is the right ab exercise, if you are really looking for a way how to get ripped.

If you manage to exercise in a big angle, you will gain firm and especially functional abdomen.

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As you can see, there are tons of different ways for you to lose weight at home.  No one needs to shell out on expensive gym fees with so many top exercises available to let you cut down on your weight. Try a few out (e.g HIIT training, more information here), and once you know what works for you, you’ll be able to put together your own ideal exercise routine. From there, it’s only a matter of time before you start shedding the pounds.

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