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Health benefits of skipping rope exercise. Is it good for you?

jump roping exercises

Traditional skipping rope is suitable for everyone – from little children to top sportsman on the top performance level. This sport tool has been evergreen for several thousands of years!

Do not expect firm and heavy damaged ropes in 21st century

Modern family of skipping ropes is easy, fresh and made from top materials with high resistance. There are speedy skipping ropes with steel rope, skipping ropes with adjustable length or skipping ropes with digital computer.

While other fitness tools take up space or are too heavy for transferring-for example in a sport bag, the skipping rope can be carried everywhere. Thanks to used and most modern materials, they do not weight more than half a kilogram and they do the same service.

jump rope exercises

How to do skipping for weight loss…

Jumping with a skipping rope means working on endurance, cardiovascular system and coordination. You train the muscles of all body when doing the exercises correctly.

History of exercising with a skipping rope

Gymnastics skipping rope was already used in ancient Egypt or China. The first records come from the time of 1500BC. But where did skipping rope originate and exactly when- this is still not clear.

skipping rope benefits

It seems, its beneficial effects were discovered by several great civilizations at the same time! The skipping rope has survived ages and it has its solid place next to functional training tools next to TRX or kettlebells and others.

While the skipping rope has not left gyms for the last 150 years, America (and other countries) had to practically re-discover it thanks to children from city suburbs, where they often played with it in 50´s.

Special discipline which has been quickly put into practise…

It is so because when America discovers something, it really does it perfectly.

Rope skipping was formed in 60´s of the previous century.

Its spiritual father was a player of American football and physical education teacher at basic school in  Boulder (Colorado) Richard Cendali, who spread skipping in the USA and Europe.

richard cendali jump rope

Richard Cendalim introduced ‘Rope Skipping’ to his students in 1960

Cendali got an ultimatum from his trainer:

You will either run up and down the stairs or jump on the skipping rope daily 15 minutes.

As not to be bored, Cendali tried to do jumps of various difficulties and new fitness category was here. Its name is: Rope skipping.

Why to jump with skipping rope and what are the health benefits?

Is jump rope good for cardio? How does skipping help your body? How many calories burn jumping rope?

There are a lot of possibilities how to jump with the skipping rope:

1. Skipping rope is a big fun

Except for benefits which we have described above, it supports sense of rhythm, dynamic power of legs and general rhythms.

2. The exercises with a rope are suitable for losing weight

is jump rope good for cardio?

Skipping rope cardio workout

You may implement skipping rope into a simple cardio exercise, which you can do at home. Thanks to various fitness applications, you may measure your results and continuously get better. It will help you to lose weight fast.

3. You will burn more calories in comparison with running

Rope skipping belongs to activities, thanks to which you will burn more calories than when you run.

If you jump at the speed 100-120 jumps in a minute, you will burn 12 calories within one minute. This has been recently supported by specialists from Compendium of Physical Activities.

You can start multiplying – ten minutes a day with breaks – almost everyone can do it- and you will get interesting number!

Skipping rope calories calculator

 PureWow Benefits of Jumping Rope

How many calories do you burn jumping rope?

Total calories burned = calories burned per pound per minute × your weight (pound) × minutes of activity

The chart below gives approximate number of calories burned in a minute when jumping rope.

Times per MinuteCalories Burned per Pound per Minute
70 times.074
125 times.080
145 times.089

Example: your weight is 120 pounds, you jump 125 times in a 2 minutes > the total calories burned will be calculated like this:

Calories burned per pound per minute (.08) × your weight (120 pounds) × minutes of activity (120 minutes) = 1152 total calories burned per hour.

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4. Rope skipping has health benefits

jump rope training

There are different ways to jump rope….

Except for this, this sport is beneficial for health, because it activates cardiovascular system and forms the problematic parts like bottom and thighs.

In other words: Not many things fight cellulite, but skipping rope DOES!

tabata cardio workout plan

Tabata Workout Routine – Interval Training For Weight Loss

Tabata Workout offers a fast method how to get into shape during four minutes with a high intensity of exercise. It is a forerunner of today´s HIIT training.

Our recommendation

Do not jump on hard ground, as tarmac or concrete. Use exercise mat or exercise on a flexible sport ground, wooden floor or other ground, which softens bumps. Jumping with a skipping rope will be safer for your joints.

Check out the tips for a specific training plan from a professional trainer.

These muscles work when you skip on the rope:

Skipping Rope Muscles used

How does skipping help your body? See the muscles used in jump rope….

At the same time, when jumping on a skipping rope, there is a perfect coordination of arms and legs, which is beneficial in many other areas.

The most important thing is to buy a really high quality skipping rope. It should help us manage the training in the best way.

You have to choose according to your height, and at the beginning (before you get used to it), watch the right technique of jumping.

The training will be funny and efficient only if you keep it.

Mistakes when jumping over skipping rope

The main mistake of the beginners is especially too high jumps and bending the legs…

  • Jump on the mat which softens bumps and choose really high quality sport shoes.
  • Jump and bounce only from the toes
  • Do not bend the knees
  • Find your ideal tempo and do not jumbo too high

There are many varieties of how to jump, they might be mutually combined and intensity of the training may be adapted to your actual physical case.

2 examples of training for beginners

1. Daily Workout

skipping rope workout plan

Skipping rope workout plan – exercise daily

2. Skipping rope exercise for a month

30 days skipping rope workouts routine

30 days skipping rope challenge

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