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The 500-Calorie Diet Plan For Weight Loss – Secrets Revealed!

500 calories diet plan

Do you have an idea about the 500-calorie diet? It is a very low-calorie diet that helps to extra pounds within no time. The 500-calorie diet often recommends for obese patients with a high BMI (over 30) and people who are facing health issues due to excess flab.

Keep in mind, this very low-calorie diet is not suitable for pregnant and lactating women and even for those who can lose excess flab with switching to a healthier lifestyle, but this diet plan is highly recommended for healthy weight loss. Read on to know about the 500-calorie diet.

What Is The 500-Calorie Diet Plan?

A 500-calorie diet is an extreme version of a (VLCD) that includes, drinks, shakes, meal replacement, and bars for a maximum of 2 meals a day. In simple word, it is a restricted version of calorie consumption that helps your body to utilize the stored fuel source that is fat. And, as outcomes, you will get rid of extra flab quickly.

eating 500 calories a day for a month

How much weight you can lose eating 500 calories a day? /photo Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

People often ask several questions concerning calorie intake to lose weight, don’t to worry! Get healthy weight loss planner and utilize simple calorie calculator for weight loss by to track your daily calorie intake. Read on and find out next!

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The 500-Calorie Diet Plan For Healthy Weight Loss:

A part of the 5:2 diet plans is where people can consume 2000 calories for 5 days and then ahead to a 500-calorie diet for 2 days. For these 2 days, you should have to stick on a low-carb diet. So, what exactly a dieter should have to consume.

Before starting a 500-calorie diet plan, you ought to add calorie weight loss calculator into your weight loss plan; this gadget shows your actual calorie intake to lose weight.


  • You have to drink 8 ounces of decaffeinated tea or 8 ounces of skimmed milk without sugar or artificial sweetener
  • You have to consume 1 small banana along with 1 medium bowl of ricotta cheese
  • You have to consume 1 hard-boiled egg along with 1 wheat bread toast
  • You have to consume 1 cup of milk, 4 tbsp of cereal, and only 1 date

Tip: If you feel hungry before lunch, then you ought to consume a small cup of green tea.


  • You have to consume a single cup of vegetable soup including cabbage, spinach, broccoli, or any leafy vegetable
  • You have to consume 3 oz of grilled chicken or fish and ¼ cup of grilled broccoli and carrot
  • You have to consume 1 lettuce wraps with 2 oz fish/chicken/mushroom/tofu
  • You have to consume 1 medium bowl of salad with a light dressing
  • You have to consume 1 cup of blueberries and Greek yogurt

Tip: You have to drink a glass of water 20 minutes before lunch; it helps to prevent from overeating

500 calorie diet weight loss per week

Eating 500 calories a day for a month menu / photo: Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash


  • You have to consume 1 medium bowl of chicken or mushroom clear soup
  • You have to consume 1 medium bowl of broccoli and grilled turkey/tofu made up of little chili garlic oil
  • You have to consume 2 eggs white omelet with 6 mushrooms, and ½ cup of spinach
  • You have to consume 1 cup of stir-veggies including red bell pepper, carrots, broccoli, tofu, and beans, top with 1 tsp of balsamic vinegar and chili flakes

Tip: Drink water, and if you feel hungry, then you ought to consume a small cup of warm milk by adding a pinch of turmeric

No doubt, you can find various foods that are low in calories but are very harmful and even do not help to reduce excess flab; these foods are “Junk Foods.” So, you must have an idea what to consume and void, when you are stick on the 500-calorie diet. Let’s take a look!

Foods To Intake On The 500-Calorie Diet:

500 calories menu plan

500 calories diet plan for weight loss / photo: Photo by Andrés Medina on Unsplash

  • You have to consume non-starchy vegetables as they will help you to achieve your weight loss goals without putting your health in danger. These vegetables include broccoli, carrot, beetroot, scallion, cabbage, lettuce, and parsnip
  • You have to intake stir-fried, salads, sautéed, and blanched food – these foods minimize the disruption of valuable enzymes and phytonutrients
  • You have to consume full-fat yogurt and milk. Yes – full-fat versions are fully packed with nutrients and also keep your hunger at bay
  • You have to intake fresh fruits and freshly pressed fruit juices. Avoid consuming high GI foods such as pineapple, mangoes, and grapes
  • Topping a low-calorie salad with lime juice, olive oil, salt and black pepper and consume it
  • You have to consume pre-cooked shrimps and chicken
  • You have to consume pre-washed veggies
high protein meals without chicken

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Most people just go the familiar route and use meat as their main source of protein. If you are bored with chicken, you should take a look at some of these alternatives.

Foods To Avoid On The 500-Calorie Diet:

500 calories a day menu ideas

What is a good 500 calorie meal? Photo: Photo by Kobby Mendez on Unsplash

  • You have to avoid processed foods like sausages and salami
  • You have to avoid canned veggies, fruits, etc
  • You have to avoid drink soda, bottled fruit juices, and energy drinks
  • Avoid dried fruits
  • Avoid consuming sugary foods like cake, pancake, pastry, and candies

Get your weight loss tracker and stick on this 500-calorie diet plan to shed your weight quickly. Good Luck!

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