How does Chris Bumstead train?

How does Chris Bumstead train?

If you are a fitness freak craving to have a robust physique like Chris Bumstead, who is also known for “Mr. Olympia,” you may want to have a look at his fitness routine. He started training at the young age of 14. He also earned his first PRO card at the age of 21.

The Canadian fitness influencer and model’s bodybuilding routine is quite popular among all those who are into bodybuilding. However, it is not a cakewalk to get a physique like him. It takes months of dedication, hard work, proper training, and determination to build a drool-worthy physique like Chris Bumstead.

This article will give you a guide on how to get your dream body and flaunt it like Chris Bumstead does.

What kind of cardio does Chris Bumstead do?

Cardio is the compressed form of cardiovascular exercise. It refers to any kind of movement during exercising that can pump up the heart rate and make the blood circulation go up.

chris bumstead training program

Chris Bumstead training routine

Alongside propelling proper bodybuilding, there are a number of benefits of cardio, some of which are as follows:

  1. Cardio helps to improve your heart condition. It is important to strengthen your heart muscles. Given that your heart muscles fall weak, your body will experience a number of ailments.
  2. Cardiovascular exercises result in improved metabolism.
  3. Cardio which are moderately paced helps to increase the recovery time as well. After you have performed a hard training session at the gym, you might consider hopping onto the treadmill for a light jog. This will help to remove the by-products that your body had created at the time of the intense workout.

When we speak of Chris Bumstead’s workout session, we cannot get away without talking about his cardio sessions.

Chris Bumstead indulges in low-intensity, and fasted cardio during the mornings.

He would either spend twenty minutes on the bike, or thirty minutes on the stairmaster or treadmill. Even when Chris Bumstead is working on gaining muscle and weight during the off-season, Chris pays attention to his cardio training.

How do I train like Chris Bumstead?

Chris Bumstead stressed on the importance of staying hydrated during workout and bodybuilding sessions. He said that it is extremely important to drink water or consume energy drinks prior to commencing a workout session.

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He also suggests his followers and aspiring bodybuilders to indulge in a warm-up session and subsequently cooldown by stretching the muscles so as to avoid injury in the course of workout.

Chris Bumstead’s workout plan is spread evenly throughout all the five days. He makes sure that all his body parts are attended to in an even manner. However, he admits that his workout plan may be subject to alteration based on his travel schedule, or in case he suffers an injury.

chris bumstead training tips

Chris Bumstead, Mr. Olympia Classic Physique winner 2019–2021

However, he trains his chest, back, hamstrings, shoulders, and quads once per week. Here is a list of how he plans his exercise for all the five days:

  1. Chris Bumstead trains his back on Mondays. Having a look at his fitness program or watching his YouTube videos, you will have a clear idea that the level of his workout is pretty standard. For his back, he resorts to exercises like deadlifts, bent-over rows, lat pulldown, straight arm lat pulldown, dumbbell row, machine row, and hyper extension.
  2. On Tuesdays, Chris Bumstead works on his chest and biceps. He practices exercises like incline dumbbell press, bench press, incline flys, cable flys, push ups, and different kinds of curls like barbell curls, hammer curls, and preacher curls.
  3. Chris spends the third day of the week aiming for some leg development. After he has trained his upper body the first two days in a row, next he hits his glutes and hamstrings. He indulges in exercises like Romanian deadlifts, leg curls, standing leg curls, reverse hack squats, and glute kickbacks. However, that is not it for the legs! He again focuses on his quads on Fridays.
  4. He devotes the fourth day to his triceps and shoulders. This is another striking feature that one can find in Chris Bumstead’s workout plan. He first does his biceps and chest and then moves on to work on his triceps and shoulders. According to some bodybuilders, training your triceps on a shoulder day is much more effective than training them alongside your chest, as in the latter, the muscles are already worn out. To train his shoulders and biceps, he performs exercises like dumbbell lateral raise, dumbbell shoulder press, barbell front raise, single arm cable raise, upright rows, face pulls, dips, machine lateral raises, cable kickbacks, and skull crushers.
  5. Chris makes sure that he concludes the day with a bang. Fridays are pretty heavy for him as he trains his quads on Fridays. He resorts to exercises like back squats, leg extensions, leg press, standing calf raises, standing lunges, and hip adductors.
Health benefits of weight training

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Lifting weights helps with lifestyle goals and more. When you integrate strength training exercises into your fitness program, you might notice changes in your strength throughout time.

Hope this gives you a clear idea about the workout plan of Chris Bumstead. He usually steers clear of exercising on weekends, but a little bit of cardio never does any harm to anyone, does it?

Final Words

It is not easy to get into shape and have a body like Chris Bumstead, however with sheer determination and hardwork, you can get a muscular and shredded physique like Chris Bumstead.

After having a look at the cardio plan and workout regime of Chris, we can claim for sure that such a kind of body doesn’t come for free. We can derive motivation and inspiration from his workout plan and get a healthy body.

Start working on your dream body now!

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