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Cheap Fake TRX: How to spot a genuine TRX from a counterfeit

TRX Fake

TRX Suspension Trainer and Prices

The market has lately seen quite a lot of fake and non-standard products bearing TRX logo.

Such products are very good imitations and majority of them have been made in China. You can find it even in e-shops selling martial arts equipment.

Where to buy cheap TRX?

E-shops frequently advertise the fake products by using original TRX product pictures to attract customers.

Logically, such websites frequently promote their goods as “Cheap TRX” and they often fail to have “information About Us” section which only proves their untrustworthiness.

Cheap and fake TRX from China
FAKE TRX Trainer
Cheap and fake TRX from China
FAKE Suspension Training Kit

It is the lack of credible information about the seller and suspicious contact details which hint at unreliable company.

Although such businesses claim to be approved resellers, you can always find a list of authorized TRX dealers on the web pages run by Fitness Anywhere.

Beware: TRX counterfeits are harmful

trx upper body workout
The number of injury reports related to the use of counterfeits is really high. If the straps break during an intensive workout, the subsequent injury might be quite serious.

Why do people buy dangerous fake TRX copies?

The reason is certainly the TRX retail price which might seem too high. This makes some people think why they should get an original system if they can have an almost identical product for a third of the original price and no one can even tell the difference.

Well, people can tell the difference! In a better case, it is your body that gets to know the difference, and in the worse case, it is going to be your client’s body with a torn muscle or a broken nose.

YES, those are the most common injuries to occur while practicing on fake TRX systems.

↓ Where to buy ORIGINAL TRX? ↓

[alert type=”success”]If you ever start practicing on a device that has never been distributed by an official dealer, such product comes without any warranty and you cannot claim anything for the harm done from your insurance company if case may be.[/alert]

The cheap and fake versions of TRX often see broken straps and carabiners or damaged handles. The reason for these incidents is poor quality materials that cannot carry the load capacity without breaking.

TRX Counterfeits vs. TRX Originals

What does a fake trx look like? Samples of fake and hazardous copies of TRX systems » TRX PRO Kit, TRX HOME Gym and TRX Tactical Gym.

TRX FORCE Kit (Tactical gym) » Counterfeited, poor-quality handles are soft and their surface is easy to scratch (with nails, ring, etc.)
cheap TRX bands
TRX FORCE Kit (Tactical Gym) » ORIGINAL ergonomic and rubber handles are durable, easy-to-clean, and have anti-slip design
original TRX training kit - FORCE kit
TRX Home Gym » broken fake carabiner vs. original carabiner
FAKE TRX Carabiner
TRX FORCE Kit » Fake TRX carabiner, impossible to lock when bent and prone to breaking
Cheap TRX straps
Cheap TRX carabiner » bent carabiner incapable of holding a heavy load
trx suspension anchor
Fake TRX carabiner » Broken and bent carabiners on counterfeits
cheap and fake TRX straps
No stitching along the main carabiner; rubber badges placed at various distances
FAKE TRX Equipment
Poor quality strap finishings and gaps of different sizes between stitching lines
FAKE TRX Home Suspension trainer

How to Determine a FAKE TRX from a Real one!

Simple instructions that will help you distinguish a safe TRX® ORIGINAL product from its cheap TRX counterfeit:

TRX HOME Gym – model 2016
TRX Home Suspension Trainer 2016
TRX PRO Kit – model 2016
TRX PRO suspension training kit
TRX PRO Kit » handles are tied up with a paper band
TRX HOME Kit » handles are tied up with a paper band
Transparent small tag with a hologram on a strap under a rubber logo
Detail of the transparent small tag with a serial number and a bar code


TRX prices

Prices of original TRX systems never fall below 199.95 USD anywhere around the world. There are exceptions like special marketing events, wholesale contracts, and special offers for sports clubs.


If you want to prevent injuries, invest in buying an ORIGINAL TRX®
30 minutes TRX workout plan

TRX Workouts – How To Strengthen The Whole Body in 30 Minutes

Is it possible to work all the muscles in your body in 30 minutes? Try a training plan, which will help you strengthen your whole body. And moreover, you will enjoy it.

Cheap Fake TRX: How to spot a genuine TRX from a counterfeit
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