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Review of the favourite TRX training video on Youtube

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Human body is able to work like a spring with a great power. It depends only on the ability to coordinate movement in a quality. This refers to all basic movements – walking, jogging, swimming, jumping, weight lifting, climbing and crawling…

TRX Training Program

TRX offers all of this. The work of all the body in hanging forces to join the middle part of the body. In other words, the core is then a support and connection between upper and lower half of the body.

The movement becomes economic (minimal output of energy at high performance) and this connection works perfectly. Stability and coordination are benefit of TRX exercise.

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TRX training is designed for complete beginners as well as for elite athletes • Photo:

TRX is the world first class aid supported especially by the great education process.

Of course, i tis clear, that not everybody is a top athlete, nevertheless, also in the preparation of common clients, the athletic attitude to exercise for recreation activities and sport is a great advantage.

It offers an absolute sense to adjust certain part of training towards the development of athletic abilities. In socker, hockey, basketball or American football where great physical power is necessary, this is even more true!

The shamrock Stability / Mobility – belongs to the key components of athletic performance. If an item which should be stable is stable during movement and mobile is mobile, we can talk about the functional movement. In a contrary case we talk about dysfunction movement.

TRX gym in a bag

TRX Suspension Trainer – Gym in a bag

TRX Training is a workout system that uses gravity and your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises. TRX bands help to build muscle and lose weight.

Youtube TRX workouts

Youtube and Facebook are full of video tips about how to exercise with TRX.

Can you follow them?

 50 best TRX Exercises ever

Review of the favourite TRX video on Youtube

This TRX video is neither bad nor good. It is only one of the million TRX workout videos which go viral on Facebook or Youtube daily. You can take a great deal of information either you do i tas a hobby or you are a professional.

At the beginning, it is important to exercise fundamental movements (squat, pull, press, support, and others) only then add as I say mixture of exercises.


Uaaauuuu, he must be good, it is so complicated, I will never do it!

Or do you want to lead yourself and your clients and exercise with them healthily and correctly?

We recommend you choose the second option. We try to lead people. But in this case the motto: Less is sometimes more … really works.

We do not say these exercises are wrong. Even though, effect of some of the exercises really is not good. Being a trainer does not mean to have the largest stock of exercises.

Let us go back to the Youtube TRX exercises…

We choose the exercises number:  1,12,24,29,42,52 a 61…we choose only the exercises, we are not talking about the effect, which you can see in the video (it is not really the best instruction and show how to exercise correcly.)

These are the basic (fundamental) exercises which intersect in our lives today and daily.

Everything is based on these movements. It is good to know them correctly. And then you may modify them or add something to them. The rest of exercises are just the modification of standard.

30 minutes TRX workout plan

TRX Workouts – How To Strengthen The Whole Body in 30 Minutes

Is it possible to work all the muscles in your body in 30 minutes? Try a training plan, which will help you strengthen your whole body. And moreover, you will enjoy it.

5 basic types of movements you will not do without

Do you know them?

Except for the correct technology of TRX exercise you should pay attention to other basic movements, which you use in a daily life.

On TRX we train the movement, not the muscles.

These movements may be done with TRX use, what is not possible with other fitness tools.

1. Jogging or walking

trx youtube exercises


According to your abilities and individual goals. Lymphatic system is awakened through Achilles tendon.

2. Movement and pressure in the form of crawling in various modifications

youtube trx workouts


This is a playful form of exercise, simulation locomotions of animals. The goal of this type of movement is stabilization of joints, developement of firmness, bounce and range.

3. Movement and pull in the form of hanging

Hanging, moving hands over hands and then tightening (bends and other similar exercises in the correct performance.) The reason why to develop this movement is the influence on the stability of rope and the change of „environment“ for the back.

Thanks to gravitation, when hanging, there is a traction of the back and again compensation, regeneration of back plates and stabilization of certain parts of the back.

4. Deep squat and jumping off plyometric exercise

Plyometric Training for beginners

Plyometric workout routine • Photo: Escape fitness

Lower legs should not become lazy and it would lead to unbalanced body load.

5. Martial exercises

They have been used since the ancient Rome and Greece and nothing has changed on their efficiency. They develop all-purpose power and power endurance. Thanks to them you work on your coordination and movement intuition.

Functional movements workout

Develop all-purpose power and power endurance! • Photo: Escape Fitness

We would add even other movements like swimming, climbing, crawling or catching. Everything what is natural for our body and it only looks it has forgotten it.

About the author: Filip Raptopulos – TRX Master Trainer 💪 Tennis conditioning and performance 🎾Team sports performance 🏒 Kids & Youngsters coach

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