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5 Ways To Keep A Healthy Lifestyle Despite A Busy Schedule

Keep A Healthy Lifestyle

Do you think you have a healthy lifestyle? Most people avoid this question till there comes a health issue, and most of the time it’s late by that time.

We’re so concerned with our works that we often neglect our health and forget that life is not not just working and earning money. Taking care of yourself and the people around you is important as well.It isn’t that difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle between your full-time job and taking care of other stuff. In fact, it doesn’t take much of your time to do so.

If you find it difficult to keep a healthy lifestyle with your unbalanced schedule, maybe these 5 easy to follow instructions below will help you get in the right direction.

1. Start Your Day Off Right, Eat Breakfast

As you wake up, your blood sugar is usually low. Your body needs it to get your brain and muscles work well. Breakfast helps replenish it. But if you skip it, it can throw off your body’s rhythm of fasting and eating.

healthy breakfast

Breakfast helps you burn more calories through the day, by kick-starting your metabolism.

Studies have related eating breakfast to good health, including better concentration and memory, lower bad LDL cholesterol, and less chances of, heart disease, getting diabetes, and being overweight.

It also gives you the vitality you need to get work done and helps you focus well at school or at office. Because as your body gets the required fuels from food, you’ll be less likely to overeat later in the day and won’t feel fatigued in afternoon.

2. Stay Hydrated

In your busy schedule, drinking fluids is very important to staying healthy and maintaining the physical functions, that includes your brain, heart and muscles. Water carry nutrients to your cells throughout your body, get rid of bacteria from your bladder, and prevent bowel constipation.

water or sports drink for preventing dehydration

Many people often forget to get enough fluids in busy times and risk becoming dehydrated and constipated, especially during summertime when it’s hotter and people sweat more.

It makes you weaker because your body fails keeping your temperature normal and send nutrients to deliver where they need to.

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine dogged that a sufficient daily fluid intake is; about 3.7 liters for men and 2.7 liters for women. So try to stay in this range, because over drinking water can be dangerous as well. It can cause the sodium, in your blood to drop too low.

Causing what’s known as hyponatremia or water intoxication. And, for your kind information, this can be fatal.

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3. Eat Healthy

With a huge amount of task loads, it’s easy to go for refined foods. Because it’s fast, easy and tastier! But your body has a big price to pay. The hidden ingredients that make food more exciting to our taste buds are added to a large amount of all heavily processed foods.

eat healthy on the go

The 3 major ingredients of processed foods are:

  • fat
  • sugar
  • salt

These excite our taste buds and make us want more. Neuroscientists link overeating to food addiction as these foods prolong a habit-forming cycle many people struggle with.

On the other hand, whole foods are foods that hold their natural composition and have no artificial preservatives or additives. Furthermore, they have been through little or zero processing (i.e. blending, cooking, or grinding).

On top of that, they have minerals, amino acids, vitamins, glucose and fatty acids with fiber and with many other nutrients, which do not perpetuate the same habitual problem.

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Try to reduce your intake of processed food and substitute them with whole foods. Organic whole foods will make feel better throughout the day and healthy eating means healthy, happier life and more productive.

4. Don’t Sit All Day

If you sit in an office chair or on your couch for more than six hours a day then you’re at a very high percentage risk of heart and various diseases. Simply put, sitting is killing you.

Our Human body was not designed for longer periods of sitting, it was built for activity, movement.

Thus sitting for long periods of time, even with exercise, has a negative effect on our health.

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As you sit, your blood flow gets sloth and muscles cannot burn enough fat, which makes it easy for fatty acids to block your heart. Thus increasing your risk of getting a heart disease. Moreover, if harms your pancreas too.

Office stretch workout

Excess sitting makes your body unable get insulin response, thus getting your pancreas to produce high amounts of insulin, which might lead to diabetes. If you have to sit for a long time, try to find a good recliner.

Another harm excess sitting does for you is it may increase your risk of colon, rectal, and breast cancers. Excess insulin production could be one reason due to, as it increases cell growth. Or might be because regular physical movement means a boost in antioxidants in your body that can remove free radicals that are potentially cancer-causing.

It’s easy to counteract the bad effect of sitting.

Try doing these two:

  1. Stand up once in every hour
  2. Get about 15-30 minutes of activity per day

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6. Find Small Ways To Exercise

With a busy schedule, it isn’t always easy to make enough time to go plenty of exercise. But small consistent amount of exercises daily can do a big impact on your health.

  • Taking the stairs instead of elevator,
  • Schedule a daily walk break at work, cleaning your home
  • Doing 10/20 push-ups every day
  • Playing with children

are some of the many examples you can do as your exercise.

Train every day

If you prefer casual rides in a cool evening or want to hit the paddle to pick up a few groceries from downtown in the morning, then you might also opt for a quality cruiser bike from the market.

To wrap things up, the point is at the end of the day, all these seemingly little exercises will sum up and become a significant daily amount. Trust me, it all counts.

Anyways, if you are gaining weight you don’t feel good about, you better try out HIIT workout.

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