TRX Rip™ Training Course (L1) (RTC)

Program TRX® Rip Trainer – Level 1 was designed by world-class experts for fitness professionals who are trying to design the most effective training program for their clients.

The course will teach you how to utilize TRX® Rip trainer at maximum in your training units which will become even more attractive.

TRX® Rip™ Training Course (L1) (RTC)
TRX Rip™ Training Course (L1) (RTC) • photo:

You will learn about other modifications for various muscle groups and you will learn how to adapt TRX workout modifications special target groups.

TRX course is meant for

  • personal trainers and fitness instructors who want to enhance their resistance training

Workout intensity is based on the pressure on the lever that is adjustable in terms of grip, rotation angle and distance from the grip.

Rip Trainer is an ideal functional tool that simulates some combat sports and martial arts, rowing, tennis, hockey, golf and many others.

Learn more about TRX Rip Trainer

golf swing
high jump
throwing a ball
hit ball games
cross-country skiing
kick ball

Course target

  • to introduce brand new TRX® Rip Trainer
  • to give you complex knowledge about a new type of workout
  • to teach you all necessary skills and how to introduce TRX® Rip Trainer in your individual and group training programs
  • a complex bank of exercises for the needs of personal trainers
  • an in-depth breakdown of individual exercises and their modifications
  • appropriate TRX set-up according to client’s specific requirements
  • correct exercise modifications for clients of all levels
  • to know how to use TRX® Rip Trainer in order to increase strength, flexibility and overall level of fitness