TRX Group Suspension Training Course (L1) (GSTC)

TRX® Group Suspension Training Course (GSTC) is a course for group class trainers and instructors focused on functional training!

TRX Group Suspension Training Course
TRX Group Suspension Training Course (L1) (GSTC) • photo:

Course contains and provides

  • you will learn how to lead TRX Suspension Training in small, large or “boot camp” group classes
  • this course will help you design fun and innovative classes adaptable to all fitness levels
  • you’ll not only learn TRX Suspension Training fundamentals, but how to incorporate a range of TRX strength and flexibility exercises into a group-training format

Target of GSTC

  • to provide group class trainers information on how to lead TRX® training
  • to progress and regress TRX workouts following the group classes
  • how to teach TRX workout positions
  • how to teach two different TRX group class formats
  • to coach clients during a TRX group class
  • to design group TRX workouts to fit your own style