TRX Rip Trainer Kit

The TRX Rip Trainer delivers fast, effective results. Build core strength with rotational movements that mirror the way you move in sport and in life.

Innovative level of training challenges your core with asymmetric loads:

  • ideal for balance training
  • develops and improves explosive power and coordination
  • full-body workout is mainly based on rotational movements

TRX Rip Trainer
TRX Rip Trainer Kit • photo: Fitness Anywhere

Rip Trainer is perfect for people of all fitness levels. It is easily portable and it can be used by virtually anyone anywhere.

Like with all other TRX systems, you only need to attach it to any secure anchor point. The load depends on the resistance of the cord expander which has a variety of load options.

RX Rip Trainer Kit
Resistance Cords – TRX Rip Trainer Kit • photo:

TRX Rip Trainer Kit: What’s Included

  • TRX Rip Trainer
  • Medium Resistance Cord with Protective Nylon Cover
  • Rip Door Anchor
  • Carrying Bag
  • Rip Basic Training Video Download
  • Rip Basic Training Workout Guide
  • Carabiner
  • Safety Strap

Colour pattern

black yellow

TRX Rip TrainingTRX Rip Trénink • photo:

TRX Rip Trainer Kit: Target Audience

TRX Rip Trainer meets all requirements of a quality functional training and is mainly utilized to simulate movements typical for:

  • swimming, paddling, tennis
  • baseball, hockey, golf
  • martial arts and many others

TRX Rip Trainer Kit: ORIGINAL packaging

TRX RIP Trainer TRX RIP Trainer
TRX Rip Trainer Kit tTRX Rip Trainer Kit
trx-system-cz-53 trx-system-cz-54
TRX Rip Trainer Kit TRX Rip Trainer Kit

VIDEO: TRX Rip Trainer

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