TRX HOME Suspension Training Kit was launched as a part of the new suite of TRX products.

TRX Home Gym
  • Allows effective functional workout anywhere around the world
  • Optimized for home usage (for individuals)
  • Includes professional video workouts for your computer, tablet or mobile device
  • Develop and maintain a rock-solid core

Develop a rock-solid core!

Prevention, safety and correct technique will guarantee your full satisfaction during workout.

Strong core is vital for all actions performed by significant muscle groups.

Every workout challenges your core. The CORE does not mean your abs only!

The CORE also refers to pelvis, abs, back and chest muscles. It is the CORE that stabilizes your body and maintains its balance and flexibility.

Build a better body at home – or on the go

TRX Training Benefits

TRX HOME Suspension Trainer is optimized for home usage

TRX HOME Kit: What’s Included

  • TRX Home Suspension Trainer
  • TRX Get Started Guide
  • TRX Door Anchor
  • TRX Suspension Anchor
  • TRX Door Placard
  • TRX Wrist Band
  • TRX Mesh Carry Bag
  • TRX Digital Video Workouts

Colour pattern

The color pattern of the Home Suspension Trainer is slightly different to distinguish from the other lines.

black yellow

TRX Home Suspension Trainer 2016

TRX HOME Gym was launched as a part of the new suite of TRX products • photo: Fitness Anywhere

TRX HOME Gym: Target Audience

The TRX HOME Suspension Trainer is a lightweight, highly portable and scalable training system.

TRX Home Gym
  • Reliable thanks to its durability and safety
  • TRX HOME Gym is optimized for home usage (for individuals)
  • An essential fitness tool for all enthusiasts who love their freedom and prefer to create and follow their own workout schedule

TRX HOME Suspension Training Kit: What’s New?

More possibilities to anchor your TRX at home and outdoor
TRX straps
Colour pattern is slightly different from the other product lines
TRX Color
Foam grips for superior comfort and increased door protection
TRX grips
Modular 15 and 30-minute workouts that can be mixed and matched for any fitness goal or level
TRX Video

TRX HOME Gym has a content and design that are different from other models TRX PRO Kit and TRX Tactical Gym.

The Home Suspension Trainer does not contain the TRX X-tender and TRX allen wrench, which secures locking carabiner to deter theft.

Personal workout videos can be accessed on your computer, tablet or mobile device after product registration. Each product has a unique ID printed on a paper card that comes inside the package.


TRX HOME Gym– unload the content of the box including all the accessories
TRX HOME Gym – the TRX alone comes in a mesh carry bag tied up with a plastic clip
TRX HOME Gym – unpacked parts of TRX after the clip has been removed
TRX HOME Gym – handles are tied up with a paper band
TRX HOME Gym – foam grips in detail (increased door protection)
Unique code for product registration will appear after you have scraped off the grey box

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The TRX HOME Suspension Trainer

Personal video workouts will guide you through trainings focused on:

  • stabilizing muscles
  • releasing tension around your back bone
  • strengthening your whole body
  • building lean muscle

You will learn how to use TRX properly and how to customize solutions that put emphasis on strength, speed and flexibility.

Effective video workouts can be accessed on any computer, tablet or mobile device. Due to this, the system is portable and can be truly set up anywhere.

All TRX trainings are also available for download in [PDF] format.

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