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These are your reviews of my “30 minute TRX workout“, which you can download for free as a PDF training plan. Thank you very much for you feedback, I look forward to hearing from you.

Lukas Dubina, founder of

trx success stories

Lukáš Dubina

TRX Success Stories

TRX Workout review

Hi Lukas, 

I am from Greece and immigrated to UK recently.  I have been using TRX for a couple of months last year and started over again now.  The PDF is the most helpful guide for home exercise.  Thank you very much!! 

Kind regards, 


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Thank you for your email and yes I did receive and download the workout. I am a triathlete and have been truant for a year by “just” doing the swim, bike, run training and have done no strength or cross training. I recently joined the gym for the first time in 20 years for the pool for winter workouts.

As part of that I received a free Personal training session and they exposed me to the TRX bands that I think will have a significant impact on my strength training.



Lukáš Dubina TRX Training

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Hi Lukáš,

I downloaded your TRX exercises many thanks for sharing this usefull training. I look forward to new TRX exercise trainings…

Kind regards

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Thank you Lukas. I have read through your workout plans and they are really helpful to me. I’m a rugby player but have been juggling work and training so a friend helped me with some TRX to help me do my workout at home and same time. I’m trying to do a fitness weight loss program to working class.


TRX succeess stories
Thanks Lukas,
I am working out at a gym with TRX among other equipment. I had a personal trainer for 8 years, but had to quit because of a move. He used TRX all the time with me. I wanted to get information about different exercises. Your site seemed to have the best information.

I am 70 years of age and retired. I am only interested in strength and balance at this time. I also ride a bike some days. I love it, but my current location does not have many safe biking alternatives so I have not been riding as much as I would like.

Thanks for keeping me in your loop.
Al McCutchan

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Hello Lukas!

My name is Pavel. I’m 36 YO Russian. Purchased my TRX about 2 years ago when didn’t have enough opportunities to visit a gym. I was a little bit sceptical about TRX and considered it as additional training devices for trips or busy days. But then realised how difficult workout for TRX can be, I changed my mind. Want to develop a good workout program for me to change the gym with home trainings on TRX (small kids can’t let me train regularly as in the past) to maintain my shape and strength. I don’t want to gain more muscles, just to keep what I have. That is how and what for I found your site.

Best regards,
Golubev Pavel


Thank you! I´ve got it!

I will be studying a few months aboard in France and I won´t be paying a gym, I only have one TRX at home so this will be really helpful.


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Thanks for the email. Yes I got your first email. I actually teach TRX at my local gym, so I am always researching new moves to use during TRX class.

Heidi Cade

Hi my name is Magda, thanks for exercese.

I have TRX for a year but now I am planning to start training on it. I’ve been practicing for about 4 years and they are training at the gym and training at home. I have some weights, kettlebell and TRX at home. I hope you understand what I write to you because my English is not very well. I have problems with my back thats why I started do exercise. WHat can I say else? Today I have pilates training at the gym, maybe tomorrow TRX?

Take care, Magda

Hi Lukas,
I am 56 and just getting into training again and like the TRX straps, looking to do circuits with them found your website, which has give me more of an insight how to use them.

Thank you.

Hi, Lukas!

I’ve recently bought a TRX in order to try to work out from home. Also it’s an attempt in saving some precious cash every month, not paying for a gym. hahaha I’ve done some research on some TRX workouts through Google and yours was the one that caught my attention the most. I’ve only done it 2x so far, I hope I can give you a better feedback soon.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Cheers from Sao Paulo, Brazil.


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I bought the TRX before deploying to Afghanistan, and used it while I was there. I then loaned it to another soldier. Somewhere along the way the manual disappeared. And that’s why I needed a new copy of the workouts.

Thanks, Dan

TRX success story
I am a 6 ft 0 inch 64-year-old man who joined Gold’s Gym on 06/01/16 weighing 234 pounds. On that same day, I also started on a ketogenic diet. I went on to lose 50 pounds and I feel great.

I had the goal of completing the hike to The Royal Arch in Boulder, CO with my grandson, Dillon. I had tried three times before when I was overweight and out of shape, and had to quit about half way through. I’m glad to say my grandson, my son (his dad), and I made the hike rather easily before winter set in! I attached a photo of us with The Royal Arch in the background.

Having used the TRX system at Gold’s Gym, I decided to purchase my own, and now have it in my basement suspended from the ceiling. I had no idea such a great workout was available with TRX until I used them at the gym.

I am looking forward to learning from you and getting in even better shape.

Thank you for this TRX program!

Scott Longmont, CO

TRX workout review
Hi Lukas

I have printed out the workout and should be receiving my TRX Pro 4 by UPS today. I can’t wait to start.

Thank you and I will continue to read and what you send out.