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CORE Training – Best Workouts For Your Body

core training definition

What is “CORE training”?

CORE training strengthens and stabilizes trunk, pelvis and the area of spine. The “Core” refers to the region of your trunk including your internal organs.

Technically, it is defined as the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex (LPHC), thoracic spine and cervical spine. The LPHC has approximately 30 muscles (the number of muscles varies).

Core muscles

  • abdominal complex
  • erector spinae
  • gluteus maximus, medius and minimus
  • pear-shaped muscle
  • hamstring and flexor
  • hip adductor

Function of core muscles

When standing, the centre of gravity is located in the core and all movements are initiated in it. The muscles that fall within the core have a variety of practical functions, such as:

  • individual’s ability to stand upright and walk
  • control of movements (ability to move in desired direction)
  • energy transmission (impact on the power output)
  • moving your body weight
  • distribution of the pressure generated when absorbing landings, rebounds, etc.
  • protection of the spine and internal organs

Benefits of TRX Training – TRX full-body workouts

One of the key TRX’s benefits is that you are able to complete endless number of exercises with a single training tool. TRX Suspension Trainer delivers a total-body workout.

functional core exercises

CORE training results in rebuilding your muscle core structure • photo: Brandon Gugala

  • enhancing LPHC muscles integrity
  • enhancing dynamic control of movements and postures
  • improving of core stability
  • achieving higher degree of neuromuscular and biomechanical effectiveness (improves transmission of power between lower and upper extremities)
  • rebuilding muscle core structure
  • power stabilization

A very frequent mistake made by both trainers and athletes is strengthening abdominal muscles while neglecting other areas of the core.

CORE training

Not only can one-sided preference for abdominal muscles (lack of exercise focused on other core muscles) result in creating muscle imbalances, but the effectiveness of exercise is also far from what could be achieved with a balanced workout planning.

trx outdoor training

The centre of gravity is located in the core and all movements are initiated in it • photo:

Core training frequently utilizes balance exercises. These are characterized by unstable position that requires involvement of a wide range of muscles which help balance oscillation of the centre of gravity.

We can balance both in static positions and while performing dynamic movements.

Core training: Goals

The goal of core training is definitely not to develop muscle hypertrophy but to improve functional predispositions of physical activity. This particularly involves improving intra- and intermuscular coordination or synchronization of participating muscles.

TRX Workout Video
TRX Suspension Training includes numerous fitness techniques and stretches that focus on the muscles of the core. A strong core is the basis for all effective and efficient movements.

Involvement of the core means more than just compressing abdominal muscles when in crouching or seated position. The role of the core muscles is to stabilize the spine. Resisting expansion or rotation is as important as the ability to execute movement.

TRX VIDEO: Ultimate TRX Total CORE Destruction

Routine Sets & Reps

  1. (3:00)- Suspended Crunch (Knees To Chest)
  2. (3:36)- Suspended Crunch 2 (Pike)
  3. (4:17)- Pendulum
  4. (5:21)- Pendulum 2 (Knees To Elbows)
  5. (6:17)- Standing Body Crunch
  6. (7:24)- Standing Oblique Twist
  7. (8:38)- Suspended Oblique Crunch
  8. (10:18)- Suspended Alternating Crunch
  9. (11:25)- Suspended Plank

The core functions as a stabilizer, power activator or as the main driving force during each exercise on TRX

The ability to choose exercises that are best suited for each specific objective will teach you how to maximize the full available potential of the core functions from the sternum to the knees.

30 minutes TRX workout plan

TRX Workouts – How To Strengthen The Whole Body in 30 Minutes

Is it possible to work all the muscles in your body in 30 minutes? Try a training plan, which will help you strengthen your whole body. And moreover, you will enjoy it.

CORE Training – Best Workouts For Your Body
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