HIIT Workout

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Does HIIT wotkout burns fat and calories?

Short, intensive trainings offer better sport results, improve physical fitness, the body metabolizes glucoses better and fat burning is much faster. There is higher fat oxidation and improving the glucoses tolerance.

Should I do HIIT workout for weight loss?

HIIT training may have several forms. The following HIIT workouts plans are the most popular: Total body conditioning program INSANITY DVD Workout and Tabata Interval Training.  Many users report significant fat in a much smaller time frame as opposed to their current cardio approach. The biggest benefits of HIIT are the afterburn (HIIT provided a window up to 24 hours of fat loss) and muscle building combined.

HIIT for beginners or not?

High intensity interval training workouts are suitable for everyone – for both woman and men (except for absolute beginners and patients with cardiologic problems).

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